For the love of all that is godless, please stop repeating this stupid meme, atheists

Good to know hard-headed rationalist atheists don’t simply accept by faith the urban legends told them by their authorities and pass them down without a shred of critical examination. Do please document for me where the Bible says left-handedness is wrong? Here, let me help you. Behold, every mention of the left hand in Scripture: [Read More…]

And Now a Message from Deep Inside the Bubble of Thing that Used to Be Conservatism Unreality

This Strange Piece of Unreal Thought Brought to You By the Drudge Report: Think about this for a minute. We are doomed! DOOOOOOMED I tell you–to a horrible future of immense prosperity in Obama’s second term! I am reminded of Tevye’s quip: “If wealth is a curse, O Lord, smite me!”  If (which I doubt) [Read More…]

The Thing That Used to Be Conservatism…

…meets Elizabeth Kubler-Ross The videos do nicely illustrate the five stages of dying. But there is something ridiculous about David Frum, the guy who wrote the famous bull of excommunication against unpatriotic conservatives who did not support his ridiculous utopian End to Evil project of peace through militarized capitalism in Iraq, now lecturing the right [Read More…]

The Desert is a Good Place in our Tradition

It’s why we celebrate both Advent and Lent, times of fasting where you go out into the desert to pray, reflect and get your head together in the presence of God. Israel did it. Prophets did it. Jesus did it. And we do it. So the period after an election loss is a good time [Read More…]

Another Hopeful Sign

…is Scott P. Richert pondering the next four years as a Catholic ought to. [Read more…]

Prudence II

When faced with defeat, a prudent person considers the possibility that something about his ideas, strategy, performance, behavior, personality, strength, intellect, morality, etc. may have contributed to the defeat. The Thing that Used to be Conservatism–the Party of Personal Responsibility, if you please–has not done that for about 10 years. From the catastrophe of the [Read More…]


…is the clear recognition of what is so and how to wisely navigate reality.  In the 30s, Stalin had counter-revolutionary weather forecasters shot for failing to predict weather that fit his Five Year Plans.  The Thing that Used to be Conservatism has, weirdly, taken over this Soviet mentality of thinking reality can be altered by [Read More…]

Four Pieces of Correspondence

Exhibit A: Instead of clinging with those Libertarians who live in lala land, give serious consideration to what happened last night…and just who voted for this disaster. All the so-called Americans who are receiving government assistance, the minorities and the ideologues. Exhibit B: I’ve got an idea. Let’s abandon our principles and champion abortion, gay [Read More…]

Five Sources to Detox from…

…if you wish to escape from the veil of unreality Movement Conservatism has woven for itself and begin to treat with reality. And, in particular, if you want to treat with reality and get your news mainly or exclusively from FOX, you should realize that they are, more than any other single source, the people [Read More…]