Turks resent plain speech

Pope Francis calls Turkish genocide of Armenians “genocide”. Turks are miffed at use of plain language. Euphemism is the language of Satan. [Read more…]

It used to be called “Child Murder”

…but that didn’t play well in Peoria.  So they changed it to “abortion” to give it that patina of gleaming Scientific and Medical Respectability. But pretty soon, “abortion” just meant “child murder”.  So they changed “abortion” to “choice” because that made it seem all humane and civil rightsy.  But after a while “choice” just meant [Read More…]

Tom Kreitzberg has a knack for succinctness

Sez he: On the Executive Director of a Catholic Social Justice Organization Being Unable to Say Whether Abortion Should Be Illegal Look, if Sr. Simone tells us she’s a moral imbecile, who am I to disagree? In the words of Forrest Gump, “That’s all I’ve got to say about that” (though “Stupid is as stupid does” [Read More…]