Steve Bullivant on What He Saw in the Megachurches

Interesting piece on what Catholics might be able to learn from Evangelicals. The Church has always been a magpie, borrowing from everybody from Aristotle to German pagans to the thought of (gasp!) democratic socialists or democratic capitalists when it’s useful and comports with the tradition. There’s no reason she can’t look at what works in [Read More…]

Typically interesting, informed and sensible piece by Sherry Weddell

…on what we should be learning from the “Evangelical Catholicism” of Mike Pence and the millions like him. [Read more…]

And he led Evangelicals up an exceeding high mountain

…and showed them all the kingdoms of the earth, saying, “All this will I give you if you will bow down and worship me.” Trump launched a broadside in the so-called “war on Christmas” Tuesday afternoon at the event organized by the anti-LGBT groups Family Research Council, Vision America and AFA Action. “I’m a tremendous [Read More…]

Michael Gerson, a Thoughtful Evangelical, Looks at the Personalism of Pope Francis…

…and of the gospel: This guy gets it. [Read more…]

Culture Shock

One of the most hilarious parts of the recent papal visit was listening to Evangelicals grimly warn Catholics “You shall have no other gods before me” and exhorting them not to worship the pope, while so many Catholics were spending all their waking hours complaining about what a terrible pope he is. Evangelicals really need [Read More…]

Wow! Mars Hill Church to Dissolve

Sad, but undoubtedly for the best. The wreckage left behind by Marc Driscoll was utterly predictable. I hope he grows from this. There’s always the mercy of God. [Read more…]

More White Evangelicals than American Jews…

…say God gave the state of Israel to the Jewish people. This is where it pays to have a Magisterium. The state of Israel is a secular nation state like America, France, or Australia. It has the same rights and privileges as any secular nation state. But apart from Evangelical superstition and a lousy misreading [Read More…]

In quiet little ways, grace proceeds

Saskatoon’s (Bishop) Bolen makes history preaching to Evangelicals [Read more…]

Tolkien vs. Lewis on Marriage

This piece is fascinating for a couple of reasons. First, it shows Tolkien in fine fettle taking apart a real lapse in Lewis’ normally clear thinking (and, I suspect, a lapse due to the fundamental DNA coding error in Anglicanism traceable back to Henry VIII). But second, and just as importantly, it is written by [Read More…]

Stuff Christian Culture Likes

Those of you from an Evangelical background will wince with recognition at this very perceptive site dedicated to the foibles, shibboleths, code words, and cultural identifiers of Real[TM] Christian culture as understood among American Evangelicals c. 2007-2013. The author is a preacher’s kid who has been around the block and represents where Emergents are pretty [Read More…]