The Collision between the Church’s Mission…

…and the need to defend Trump. So here’s a story about a non-Christian guy who has found himself deeply attracted to Jesus Christ, the Catholic faith and the Holy Father who lives out His gospel in such an attractive and powerful way. Indeed, he describes himself–a Jewish guy, mind you, as “falling in love with [Read More…]

Weird how things change

Time was when Lefties prefaced their rant in rejection of Church teaching with, “I was raised Catholic and I can tell you…” Now Righties preface their rejection of Church teaching with “I consider myself a faithful son/daughter of the Church, but…” (Total props to Nicholas A. Scoville for this trenchant observation.) We now find ourselves [Read More…]

Reading Francis Through Benedict

That mean name-calling pope Francis Benedict, using language to try to describe a problem and teach the flock instead of saying “Way to go, Real Catholics[TM].  Keep bringing the truth to the CINOs and the Church of Nice.  It is I who should be taught by you!  I’m sorry I’ve been such a disappointment to [Read More…]

Goody! More Fr. Barron on Evangelii Gaudium!

This guy really gets it! [Read more…]

Yes! A Thousand Times Yes!

Fr. Barron totally gets it: What has been almost totally overlooked in all the attempts to dismiss, minimize, and explain away the pope’s emphasis on “he has sent me to proclaim good news to the poor” is the far greater fact that “he has sent me to proclaim good news to the poor”. The title [Read More…]