Since So Many People are Fascinated with My Needs, Wants, and Desires

Here is another thing required for my health care needs: [Read more...]

Dear The Internet

Since you showed me this awesome toy and made clear to me that my happiness and completion and fulfilment as a person depends on acquiring it, I feel that you owe it to me to supply me with one. The way I see it, this is exercise. Exercise is necessary for health. Therefore this is [Read More...]

Today is the Feast of St. Catherine of Siena

Patron saint of every one of us Catholics who imagines that when the Church teaches something we don’t like and we gripe and complain about it and refuse to consider changing our lives, we are Catherine of Siena rebuking the Pope. Those on the Left who do this always invoke “primacy of conscience”. Those on [Read More...]

What Easter Means to Me

is under discussion over at the Northwest Catholic magazine, where Yr Obdt. Svt. has a new column gig. [Read more...]

Ah! Earth Day!

A time for lefties to mouth empty pieties about environmentalism like C&E Catholics mumbling their way through the Mass mom dragged them to and a day for right wingers to irrationally cheer for wanton environmental destruction out of sheer spite and tribal contempt. Healthy approach: Take seriously our God-given task of caring for creation. The [Read More...]

Pope to Authorize “Disney Mass”

(ROME) Pope Francis announced today that, in an effort to make Catholic worship “cooler” he was authorizing the creation of a New Mass that would feature altar servers, lectors, and Eucharistic ministers dressed as beloved characters from the Disney pantheon. “Now the children will have a chance to hear Goofy offer the Old Testament reading [Read More...]

Happy Anniversary!

Today is the Feast of the Annunciation, the moment at which God began the Normandy Invasion of Occupied Earth and seal the downfall of the Prince of Darkness and his reign over fallen creation. It is also, by no coincidence at all, the day this happened: The light sprang up again, and there on the [Read More...]

Remember, O Lord, Your Servant Oscar Romero…

….martyred on the eve of the Feast of the Annunciation by the powers of hell, just as St. Maximilian Kolbe was martyred by those same power on the eve of the Assumption.  By your cross and resurrection they have defeated those powers, were exalted by you, and enjoy forever the ecstasy of heaven in union [Read More...]

It’s your PI Moment!

At the tone, the exact moment will be 3/14 1:59. You’re welcome!  Happy Pi Day! Next year will be even more exciting: 3/14/15 9:26 [Read more...]

Golly! Who Could Possibly Have Foreseen This?

Rich gay guys immediately use gay “marriage” as platform for trying to force Church to perform gay “marriage” or punish them legally and financially if they resist. That has, of course, been the goal all along. The gay movement is intolerant, punishing, militant, and hate-filled and cannot rest until it forces all, not merely to [Read More...]