For Fat Tuesday

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Every Himmler Needs a Hermmler

KGB my Valentine! [Read more...]

The cuddly and adorable side of the Vikings

A scholar of the University of Oslo has cracked one of the rune codes used by the Vikings, revealing they were sending each other messages such as ‘Kiss me’. I want ancient runes that say: A Møøse once bit my sister … No realli!  She was Karving her initials on the møøse  with the sharpened end [Read More...]

In Honor of Yesterday

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Wocka! Wocka!

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Prolife Linky Love

Here’s a proposed resolution to stop funding abortion. Here’s David Alexander bringing you the fifth year of on-the-spot coverage of the equally annual “premiere conference for the online prolife community” hosted once again by the Family Research Council in Washington DC. And, since human life is sacred even when it is guilty human life, [Read More...]

Something for Epiphany

Here’s a little excerpt from Mary, Mother of the Son (which will be available from Marytown Press soon and very soon), addressing the peculiar notion that all contact between the Catholic faith and paganism can only mean that Catholic faith is “corrupted”: We Three Kings of Orient Are /Astrologers Who Traverse Afar As a young [Read More...]

Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

And, in honor of my Mother on her Feast Day, here’s a little Sheaving. [Read more...]

Pork Roasts, Shadow Traditions, and the New Year

Another Sheaving, this time in honor of New Year’s Eve. [Read more...]

Pious Fantasy and the Liberty of the Believer

Today’s Sheaving in honor of the Feast of Holy Innocents [Read more...]