Rebecca Bratten Weiss offers common sense

for Labor Day. Archeological relic from the era before the GOP was taken over by pirates, conspiracy theorists, and racist kooks. [Read more…]

Everything You Ever Need to Know About My Heart

is in this picture: After the Eucharist, here is the greatest gift God ever gave me.  I love you, Jan.  Happy Anniversary! [Read more…]

A Washington Thanksgiving

What is there to say to God for the family, the world and the life he has given me but, “Thank you!” God bless you this Thanksgiving! [Read more…]

This killed me

Let’s be careful out there tonight, people! [Read more…]

The Long, Twisted Story of All Hallows Eve

… which we discover that Halloween is as ancient, pagan and Druidic as “Yankee Doodle Dandy”. The actual ancient stuff comes from the Catholic Church. [Read more…]

Dissenting from the Annual 15 Minute Hate Against Columbus

So the other day, the blogosphere and FB were full of the annual ritual denunciation of Horrible Christopher Columbus. Yeah, he was an awful man in a lot of ways. Duly noted. Still and all, I think our annual 15 Minute Hate on Columbus is mostly posturing by a people compensating for all the crap [Read More…]

The Crusader Rifle

Gun Cult member advocates rifle that he thinks will give Muslims cooties and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. And “only in America” moment that you could not possibly make up: Seem like this is a good day for the *real* weapon of our warfare: the Holy Rosary. Our Lady of Lepanto, ora pro [Read More…]

A question about Guardian Angels

A reader writes: I asked this same question of Bishop Robert Barron so you’re in good company. In pop-Christian culture I hear accounts of travelers missing a flight that ends up crashing. Often God and/or their guardian angel is given credit for orchestrating events to save their lives. One wonders what of those who died? [Read More…]

Arr! Exalted Felicitations…

…of the Day! [Read more…]

The Pajama Game

As a token of exalted felicitations of the day, here is the trailer for “The Pajama Game” a cheery Warner Brothers musical from the days when the idea of a living wage was common sense and nobody thought Doris Day was a communist for expecting one: Trivia: the male lead, John Raitt, is Bonnie Raitt’s [Read More…]