Happy 4th!

As you probably have guessed, I will be pretty scarce till Monday due to our National Birthday Party.  Here in America, the Land of Freedom, (ably demonstrated by Harry Potter cast members speaking the Language of Freedom)… …we celebrate something called the Fourth of July. Other countries do not have a Fourth of July due [Read More...]

Hey Mom!

Producer Julie Linn writes: I wanted to give you a heads up on a music video that I’ve just finished producing, in collaboration with my good friend and former pastor, Rev. Edward Namiotka.  I think he may be a FB friend/follower of yours. Father Ed is not only a terrific priest, but a fine lyricist [Read More...]

As a Result of Francis’ Footwashing…

I feel I have no alternative but to come out in favor of ordaining both women and Muslims. Clearly, this is the will of the Holy Spirit. Also, after reflection, I have to say that I believe the Second Vatican Council was called in order to prepare the Church for the full revelation of the [Read More...]

If Christ Has Not Been Raised

Here’s a little piece I did a few years back on why I think it obvious the Resurrection really happened.  Exalted Felicitations of the Day! I’m told the latest trend among professional atheists, who read each other but not actual New Testament scholarship except from the hothouse of court prophets for atheism like Bob Price [Read More...]

It’s St. Urho’s Day!

And who among us is immune to the excitement? St. Urho, Epic Hero of the Finns since, oh, the 1950s or so! St.  Urho, who drove the crickets from Finland with the mystic words, “Grasshopper, grasshopper, go away!” St. Urho, subject of a marketing campaign by Finns jealous of all the press St. Patrick gets! As [Read More...]

Alveda King Continues…

the fight MLK began. Who looks more interested in the fruitful prospering of African-Americans: King or Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, seen here addressing some of her close friends and kindred spirits on the vital need to eliminate “human weeds” like… Martin Luther King, Jr. and similar useless eaters. [Read more...]

Happy New Years Day!

[Read more...]

Farewell 2012!

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As we head into Christmas…

…blogging gets lighter over the holidays (or stops altogether if the Mayans turn out to be right today). But before I go/Ragnarok occurs/Jesus plays the ultimate prank by returning just to mess with New Age heads I thought I would say thanks to youse guys for being such great readers, great people, and great Catholics. [Read More...]

25 Years Ago

Sherry Weddell and I entered the Catholic Church at Sacred Heart parish in Seattle, in the shadow of the Space Needle. Happy Anniversary, Sherry! What a long strange trip it’s been! Sherry has written a lovely account of that long-ago day and the days that led up to it in “The Advent of the Three [Read More...]