The Genius of the Post-Christian World…

Is that it takes the worst sins of Christians and makes them features instead of bugs: Graham Spanier’s gig as a federal worker is a mystery Graham Spanier might have been ousted from his post at the helm of Penn State over the sex-abuse scandal that engulfed the university, but it seems he’s found a [Read More...]

Awareness is Activism for Lazy People

[Read more...]

Maybe Worth Getting Upset about, Maybe Not

The NY Times has a story about Cdl. Dolan providing what some call “financial incentives” and others call “payoffs” to pervy priests in order to get them to agree to leave the priesthood immediately rather than fight out a long drawn out process. There is much dudgeon in the article. There is no dudgeon–none whatsoever–about [Read More...]

The Right Kind of Roman

Oh, sure, Roman Polanski is a “child molester” (to those with bourgeois values).  But look at his shiny new ad for a Giant Corporation!  Nazi-occupied Polish childhood!  New movie bravely opposing Jewish persecution a century ago!  Socially sensitive.  Great artist!  Blah blah yah yah! Thus does our media dispel the last traces of fake dudgeon over [Read More...]

Remember when the Media Faked Concern…

…about sexual abuse of minors? Turns out you just need to be the right kind of Roman and it’s not a problem at all! [Read more...]