Whatever you’ve done is probably not as interesting as my brother’s life

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Today is our Anniversary

Practically everything you need to know about my heart is in this photo: Though something of our relationship is also captured here: Happy 31st, my beloved Janet! [Read more...]

My Son the Walrus

Yr. Obdt. Svt., Peter the Goofy, and a possibly puzzled Fr. Marcin at a recent parish ice cream social: [Read more...]

I both swell with paternal pride and burn with shame

Help me, I am trapped in a haiku factory! Save me, before they – Peter Shea [Read more...]

Peeking Eggs

So just now, I went to the fridge to get a glass of milk. (We Sheas are inveterate milk drinkers.  Milk!  Fruit of the Bovine!  Work of Bossy’s glands.  It shall become for us our corporeal drink!  But I digress.) Anyway, as I opened the fridge door, there were a dozen smiling cheery eggs peeking [Read More...]

Hopeful News for My Mom

My brother writes: The consultation with the radiologist went very well. He confirmed it was stage 3A cancer. His estimate was that radiation alone was the best treatment. That mom would not feel any affects do to the ability today to target radiation to very specific areas . His estimate was that the radiation would [Read More...]

Update on Life at Chez Shea

So Jan and I were invited out to Chicago’s Marytown for the annual New Year’s Young Adult Retreat for the Militia Immaculata. We sort of wound up becoming the Cute Old Couple Den Father and Mother since our son Cow (don’t ask) began working with them lo these many years ago. Time was when Cow [Read More...]

Eternal Memory

On this day, exactly 30 years ago in 1983, my Dad died. Here is a chapter from Salt and Light I offer in his honor. I love you and miss you, Dad.  May you find eternal rest with God our Father through Christ our Lord.  Amen. Mother Mary, pray for him and for us all [Read More...]

What I Saw on Our Hidden Island Redoubt

This past Friday the Swiss Family Shea and friends took off for our Hidden Island Redoubt. Evidently we left just in time and avoided some kind of controversy in St. Blog’s. Good. I much prefer how I spent my weekend to the burnt embers of rancor that washed up in my mailbox when I returned. [Read More...]

We are Off to Our Hidden Island Redoubt!

It’s Labor Day Weekend and the Shea Clan is headed off for some much needed rest and relaxation after a strenuous summer of work. You kids have a fine time your own selves and don’t put no beans up your noses and we’ll see you on Tuesday! [Read more...]