Today’s the day they give babies away…

…with half a pound of butter! (sung to the tune “This is the Way We Wash our Clothes”). And with that traditional song of obstetrical heraldry, I am delighted to say that Mrs. Claire Shea, wife of Cow Shea (don’t ask about the “Cow” thing, long story) is in labor with their second child.  Claire [Read More…]

Seraphim the Beauteous Really *Really* Likes Dogs

Imagine your best friend disappeared under mysterious circumstances and then years later you realized they they were still alive and were the lead singer of your favorite band and the star of your favorite TV show, and then they jumped out of a closet in your house and they still want to be best friends [Read More…]

How I Spent My Last Few Days

A glorious last evening spent with our kids, some great blue herons, a still sky, boats bobbing gently on still blue water, a zillion bats, and the super-cutest grand-daughters in the world. [Read more…]

Seattle Seahawk Julius Warmsley is a really nice guy

How do I know about this guy when I am such a dweeby loser in the sports department?  Because we had him to our house this past Sunday for a family whooptidoo.  Turns out he’s an old buddy of Jan’s nephew Kyle, who was in town to hang out with Julius and other old pals and to [Read More…]

Am at Retina Specialists Northwest this AM for Jan’s eye

So Jan was off doing her customary work of selfless generosity to a friend yesterday when she noticed something in her left eye’s field of vision. When she got in bright sunlight it became pronounced. “Squiggles” like somebody had taken a magic marker to the world. She can see well enough to read with no [Read More…]

Whatever you’ve done is probably not as interesting as my brother’s life

[Read more…]

Today is our Anniversary

Practically everything you need to know about my heart is in this photo: Though something of our relationship is also captured here: Happy 31st, my beloved Janet! [Read more…]

My Son the Walrus

Yr. Obdt. Svt., Peter the Goofy, and a possibly puzzled Fr. Marcin at a recent parish ice cream social: [Read more…]

I both swell with paternal pride and burn with shame

Help me, I am trapped in a haiku factory! Save me, before they – Peter Shea [Read more…]

Peeking Eggs

So just now, I went to the fridge to get a glass of milk. (We Sheas are inveterate milk drinkers.  Milk!  Fruit of the Bovine!  Work of Bossy’s glands.  It shall become for us our corporeal drink!  But I digress.) Anyway, as I opened the fridge door, there were a dozen smiling cheery eggs peeking [Read More…]