My heart swells with paternal pride

From Facebook: Sean Shea: Coelophysis it to say, Dinosaurs are awesome. Peter Shea: I won’t even triceratop that. Luke Shea: We’d better stop now, Ornitholestes puns get any worse. Peter Shea: You’re right. I’ll leave it to Utahraptor it up. Prehysterical. Iguanadonate to their Komedy Kollege Fund. [Read more...]

Let me just take this moment to say…

Cow married extremely well… but I married even better: Mazeltov! Thanks to reader Nick Ruedig for sending these along. [Read more...]

Off to Chicago!

This Saturday this beautiful couple… get joined in the holy bonds of Matrimony to the great joy of both their families. So we are hitting the road for Chicago today for the nuptials on Saturday. Then everybody heads home to Seattle except for me, who will stay on at Marytown in Libertyville and give a [Read More...]

So proud!

After our sojourn in Wenatchee we got a bunch of fruit over in the massive fruit basket that is Eastern Washington.  Jan took some to her sister’s house and left it on the porch since they weren’t home.  Attached was a note: “This is a drive-by fruiting.” How I love that woman. [Read more...]

I am filled with nameless, proboscidian, squamous, fungoid and rugose pride

Luke the Nordic Giant has a special greeting for H.P. Lovecraft: Happy Birthday, Cthulhu! Happy Birthday, Cthulhu! Happy Birthday, Eldritch Horror! Happy Birthday, Cthulhu! [Read more...]

My Kids Are So Cool

From Facebook Cow Shea I was standing outside the library at school texting. I looked to my left to see a white-haired man of about 60 or 70 years, also texting. We were both wearing the same sandals, khaki shorts, and exact same blue shirt. We both laughed in the same way as we both [Read More...]

My Son and Heir

“I’m going to publish my college transcripts and call it 50 Grades of Shea.” – Luke the Nordic Giant Words cannot express my sense of pride–and shame. [Read more...]

How was Your 4th?

Ours was fantastic. I was a little concerned that this 4th would be a bit of a letdown, because for years the Fam has gathered down at my brother’s house for a huge bash which includes a full Jazz Band playing a two hour set on the lawn, swimming in the lake and eating copious [Read More...]

My kids are awesome

Son Matthew writes on FB: “I’m training to become a freelance internet psychic. You think that sounds dumb.” His friend Hannah replies: “It’s like you’re reading my mind…” So Matthew answers: “That’ll be twelve bucks.” With a set up like that, how could I resist adding: “I knew you were going to charge twelve bucks. [Read More...]

Luke the Nordic Giant writes…

A stunning turn of events in last year’s under-appreciated Hoquiam Dead Weasel/Marten Assault story: IT WAS ACTUALLY A MINK ALL ALONG! Also, the guy was acquitted. So if you plan on breaking into someone’s home and punching them in the face, make sure to bring a mink with you, I guess. As a chip off [Read More...]