It turns out that the Church actually prefers peace to war

In fact, it turns out that before you ever get to the bit of the Catechism that deals with Just War doctrine (which, funny thing, says that war is to be an absolute last resort, not the first thing you start fantasizing about if you lose an election or somebody suggests that not all is [Read More...]


…is that period in history when human beings decide that we need to be afraid of the sun. Our strange combination of arrogant pride and jittery fear is the hallmark of our time. [Read more...]

Meanwhile, on the other side of the political aisle…

the right seems to be picking up on the notion that we are now a people who are so full of fear that our Ruling Class can use the weather to stampede us with fear. So while the “Weather Is Not Climate Except When it Is” crowd is shouting “Be afraid of climate change!!!” Newt [Read More...]