Vatican scientist to believing scientists….

“Come out, come out, wherever you are!” [Read more…]

A Physicist Tries His Best to Explain How Everything Comes from Nothing

…but winds up saying that everything came from Something (gravity, physical laws that were already there). In short, he doesn’t really tell us how Everything came from nothing. He just renames the Something the universe came from “Nothing” and then doesn’t explain where that Something came from. He seems to me, in the end, to [Read More…]

A postmodern defense of Mormonism

Over at the Peculiar People blog, Patrick Mason offers this response to my recent blog about the baseless claim of a Great Apostasy that undergirds the entire Mormon claim: (Shea’s broader point regards the falsity of the Mormon historical narrative about ancient Christian apostasy, which then renders the entire religion categorically “unnecessary.” This is a [Read More…]