In your face, Scott Eric Alt!

A reader writes: Maggie Gallagher posted an article saying that perhaps Pope Francis shouldn’t be dismissed as a liberal, and people are posting in the comments accusing her of “Mark Shea-ism” Hah!  It’s not “Scott Eric Alt-ism”!  You suck! [Read more…]

Scott Eric Alt Find a Hilarious Quote

…for the benefit of Super Duper Catholic Francis Haters: “When we love the pope, we do not say he has not spoken clearly enough” — Pius X Bwahahahahaha!!! [Read more…]

Francis and the Right Wing Marriage Argle-Bargle

A reader writes: I’m curious on your take about the marriage validity argle-bargle going around. I tend to give Francis the benefit of the doubt here (and I REALLY see his point about most not getting what marriage really is) but a lot of folks have pilloried him. I find the whole thing ridiculous.  Francis’ [Read More…]

World War Z Begins…

…as the a carrier of the Francis Rage Virus moves from dormancy to transmission vector in the wake of the Vatican Light Show the other day. There was nothing, of course, heterdox about affirming our responsibility for creation.  The Church has always done so.  But for Reactionaries, the “thought” process tends to confuse aesthetics and [Read More…]