You keep using that word “Progressive”…

I do not think it means what you think it means: “You absolutely cannot call yourself a progressive unless you actively work to criminalize all forms of un-progressive speech.” There is something in Leftism that itches to criminalize ungoodthink. I greatly fear it. [Read more...]

Well done, First Things

Rusty Reno delivers a richly deserved spanking to Maureen Mullarkey for her contemptible screed against Pope Francis. Meanwhile, I am informed that somebody or other is demanding I be punished in some way or other for my criticism of Mullarkey. Apparently another petition or something is trying to get some steam to Stop Shea. Don’t [Read More...]

Houston Mayor Backs Down

Good. Now she should be voted out for so much as attempting to subpoena sermons. [Read more...]

Crony Capitalist State Cracks Down on Free Speech

Lifetime ban on ever talking about fracking ever again for two children potentially guilty of FutureCrime.  Because the first amendment is passe. EvilCorps will be looking for other ways to forbid you from discussing or questioning their policies.  And the state, which increasingly serves them, and not you, will be looking for ways to help [Read More...]

Rowan Atkinson Wants You to Call Him an Ugly Git

…and I love him for it: Related: Insensitivity Training [Read more...]