15 Typical Catholic Reactions

…to 15 Typical Phrases that We Typically Don’t Want to Hear [Read more...]

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) is Awesome

It’s long (and a bit rude here and there, like the Bard himself), but fantastic: A fine way to spend an hour and a half on Labor Day! [Read more...]

Weekend Goofery

Remove a single letter from a book, TV or movie title and come up with something funny. Samples: Mein Kamp: Scouting with Hitler The Tale of Peter Rabbi: Jewish Origins of the Papacy (HT: Michael Ward, who also suggested “Jurassic Par”: on prehistoric golfing) 3:10 to Uma: My bus ride to Ms. Thurman’s house Om [Read More...]

A little amusement for your Memorial Day Weekend

…as we head out of town to our Hidden Island Redoubt. Everybody play “Spot the Fallacy“! Invent some of your own! And while I’m gone, you kids don’t put no beans up your noses! [Read more...]

Mass Mobs!

Serenely crazed youth mob Catholic Churches to worship and pray! No one knows where they will strike next–except for people who read the open-to-the public blog that gives the next date and location. Contact them if you want to organize your own Mass mob and give your priest a heart attack, which admittedly sounds fun. [Read more...]

Cute Old People

A German Retirement Community Did A Calendar Where Seniors Amazingly Re-Created Famous Movie Scenes [Read more...]

Had Fun on Friday!

So this past Friday one of the local parishes (“local” meaning “over in Bremerton on the other side of the Sound, an hour ferry ride away” had a conference.  Our Lady Star of the Sea is one of my fave rave parishes in Western Washington, pastored by the outstanding Fr. Derek Lappe and full of [Read More...]

Clerihew contest!

What’s a clerihew? A short comic or nonsensical verse, typically in two rhyming couplets with lines of unequal length and referring to a famous person. Here’s my kickoff: Pity poor Adolf Hitler. When he does the Internet bit where he has to compare his opponent to the WORST THING EVAR!!!111!! All he has is the [Read More...]

The longest sentence you can write in English using one word

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. [Read more...]

Happy Jollity!

So I went to this USCCB thingie in Baltimore on Bishops and Bloggers (basically a confab on how the Church can better engage New Media).  There was a panel discussion with Mark Gray from CARA (a research organization), with additional discussion from Bp. Christopher Coyne, Rocco Palmo, Mary DeTurris Poust, and Terry Mattingly (Gray is [Read More...]