So Here’s Something Fun for the Comboxes!

I sit in a room, staring into space. Periodically, I type things to strangers and hope they don’t hate me for doing that. What do you do? [Read more…]

The Dunning-Krueger Effect

[Read more…]

Name the Exoplanet Contest!

A reader writes: You commented on the buzz regarding earth-like planets recently. You know, since the star is called “Trappist”, I suggest we name one of the three planets in the habitable zone after Thomas Merton and another after Christian de Cherg√© (one of the Algerian martyrs shown in the movie “Gods and Men”). Any [Read More…]

I had the pleasure of meeting Brandon Hale out in Oklahoma

and hanging out with him and the late great Fr. Shane Tharp. ¬†Now he’s written a fun graphic novel! [Read more…]

Star Trek TNG toy…

…that is literally for the next generation. [Read more…]

It gives me hope for mankind…

…that there is something called a Bay Area Pun-Off. [Read more…]

On a day like today, what the world needs is William Shatner

and lots of him: [Read more…]

If you are planning to travel in time…

in any direction other than forward at 60 seconds per minute PLEASE GIVE SOME THOUGHT TO THE FOLLOWING LEST YOU CREATE A TEMPORAL PARADOX AND REALLY SCREW THINGS UP! [Read more…]

Here’s a fun game for the Holidays

Guess the film or book: Deeply traumatized member of the maritime working class, denied health care benefits and any kind of psychological help, attempts to work through his PTSD after a vicious attack by a wild animal that killed close friends and co-workers and left him permanently disabled. An equal opportunity employer with a multi-ethnic [Read More…]

In a Mass Knife Fight to the Death Between Every American President…

…who would win and why? I want it to be Teddy Roosevelt, but my heart says, “Andrew Jackson.” The only president to have ever actually been in knife fights. [Read more…]