Take a Band Name and Make it Catholic

Examples: The Beatitudeles, Gladys Knight and the Pyx, Ignatius Pop People on Facebook lost their minds with this came up with hundreds of brilliant names.  Knock yerselves out. [Read more…]

So Here’s Something Fun for the Comboxes!

I sit in a room, staring into space. Periodically, I type things to strangers and hope they don’t hate me for doing that. What do you do? [Read more…]

The Dunning-Krueger Effect

[Read more…]

Name the Exoplanet Contest!

A reader writes: You commented on the buzz regarding earth-like planets recently. You know, since the star is called “Trappist”, I suggest we name one of the three planets in the habitable zone after Thomas Merton and another after Christian de Chergé (one of the Algerian martyrs shown in the movie “Gods and Men”). Any [Read More…]

I had the pleasure of meeting Brandon Hale out in Oklahoma

and hanging out with him and the late great Fr. Shane Tharp.  Now he’s written a fun graphic novel! [Read more…]

Star Trek TNG toy…

…that is literally for the next generation. [Read more…]

It gives me hope for mankind…

…that there is something called a Bay Area Pun-Off. [Read more…]

On a day like today, what the world needs is William Shatner

and lots of him: [Read more…]

If you are planning to travel in time…

in any direction other than forward at 60 seconds per minute PLEASE GIVE SOME THOUGHT TO THE FOLLOWING LEST YOU CREATE A TEMPORAL PARADOX AND REALLY SCREW THINGS UP! [Read more…]

Here’s a fun game for the Holidays

Guess the film or book: Deeply traumatized member of the maritime working class, denied health care benefits and any kind of psychological help, attempts to work through his PTSD after a vicious attack by a wild animal that killed close friends and co-workers and left him permanently disabled. An equal opportunity employer with a multi-ethnic [Read More…]