An Irish Reader on the Gay “Marriage” Push in Ireland, as well as Other Stuff

He writes: Saw Leah Libresco in conversation with Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland on YouTube. Personally I think the man has a lot of motivation in anti Catholicism but heck. One thing that struck me is the veritable absence of philosophical dialogue in Ireland. (“Ye what?!”) It is over 20 years since I heard Neoplatonism [Read More...]

Hysteria about the Indiana RFRA is the Ebola Panic for Lefties

Political parties increasingly function by ginning up panic.  The Right has become a past master of this with weekly hysterias about Lattegate, Benghazi, and, most egregiously last fall, the Great Ebola Panic, which evaporated at exactly the same moment the elections ended, but which saw the most deranged in GOP leadership calling for mass executions of [Read More...]

This is hilarious

Two men are marrying in New Zealand–gay activists are outraged and horrified! Seems the guys getting married are simply heterosexual buddies who decided to make use of gays’ hard-won struggle to redefine the word “marriage” to mean whatever anybody likes in order to… well, let’s let them explain “We are not here to insult anyone. [Read More...]

PC Agitprop

The Humboldt Penguins in this little tale are gay, so we should imitate the beauty of the natural world in our domestic arrangements, little children. [Read more...]

Your prayers for our Abp Sartain and the Seattle Archdiocese would be appreciated

He’s a very good man and a very good bishop and he’s stuck with the crappy, thankless job of having to say to Seattle-style Catholics who see no conflict between the Faith and gay “marriage” that there is in fact such a conflict and you don’t get to pretend to enter into a gay “marriage” [Read More...]

The Purpose of Gay “Marriage” is to Smash Religious Liberty

Reader Joe Grabowski writes of the gay “marriage” law in Hawaii: Under the law as it stands and is being signed into action by the Governor today… 1) Churches need to keep a register of congregants or else risk being sued for refusal to officiate a gay marriage for a non-member. 2) Churches that own [Read More...]

Gay “Marriage” is a Legal Fiction…

whose primary function will be to create a legal basis for punishing people who refuse to hail homosex as a virtue and continue to think it a sin. Tolerance is not enough. You. MUST. Approve. Or you will be subjected to draconian punishments by the Gay Legion of Menacing Visigoths for Tolerance. [Read more...]

A reader writes from Australia

Hi Mark – I came across some of your writings on Patheos and read some of your columns. I am not Catholic, although I have a lot of respect for Catholicism and find myself in general philosophical agreement with it. Anyway, I am writing about a social issue and to make a suggestion. I notice [Read More...]


What I Meant to Say: A Case for Same-Sex Marriage by Foggy Bottom. A witty and very funny satire that offers the *real* “clarification” on what Jody Bottum meant (as distinct from the mere damage control Bottum was attempting by giving interviews to the Catholic press). Hitting Bottum: Ed Feser’s autopsy on the intellectual mess [Read More...]

Jody Bottum: God’s Good Servant, but the King’s First

He takes a massively huge amount of words to work up to saying he never really gave much of shit about the gay marriage stuff that the Church is on about and he would now like the Church to just surrender on that point, pretend there is such a thing, and get behind the Rockefeller [Read More...]