One of the Strategies for Making War on the Sacrament of Marriage

…is to weirdly contradictory three pronged attack of: a) claiming that the Church has always hated gays and denied them the right to marry even though Jesus “said nothing” against gay marriage. This depends on what I call the Semi-Permeable Membrane of Sola Scriptura. It works as follows: If a thing is condemned by the [Read More…]


Sore winner makes clear that for an awful lot of the #lovewins crowd, this is not about love. It’s about vengeance. We’ll see how Love plays out in the New Normal. I hope this guy turns out to be an outlier (and note with some hope that, for all his spite, he does not speak [Read More…]

What Gay “Marriage” Does…

…is clarify yet again that, in the West, it is enshrined in law that the rights of children (that is to say, the weak) are completely unconnected to the rights of adults (that is, the strong).  Roe vs. Wade, of course, made that crystal clear, as did Casey.  And the *real* bullet to the brain [Read More…]

Roberts’ Dissent

“If you are among the many Americans–of whatever sexual orientation–who favor expanding same-sex marriage, by all means celebrate today’s decision. Celebrate the achievement of a desired goal. Celebrate the opportunity for a new expression of commitment to a partner. Celebrate the availability of new benefits. But do not Celebrate the Constitution. It had nothing to [Read More…]

As Expected, SCOTUS Makes Same Sex “Marriage” Legal

First stage of history complete: What could it hurt? Now we embark on the second stage of history:  How were we supposed to know? Gotta love Scalia’s dissent: If, even as the price to be paid for a fifth vote, I ever joined an opinion for the Court that began: ‘The Constitution promises liberty to [Read More…]

The News is Not that Some Trendy German Cardinal Wants to Re-Define Marriage

The news is that Rome isn’t backing down from calling the Irish pretense to re-define marriage a “disaster for humanity”. We seem to be living in a drunken and reckless time. [Read more…]

An Irish Reader on the Gay “Marriage” Push in Ireland, as well as Other Stuff

He writes: Saw Leah Libresco in conversation with Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland on YouTube. Personally I think the man has a lot of motivation in anti Catholicism but heck. One thing that struck me is the veritable absence of philosophical dialogue in Ireland. (“Ye what?!”) It is over 20 years since I heard Neoplatonism [Read More…]

Hysteria about the Indiana RFRA is the Ebola Panic for Lefties

Political parties increasingly function by ginning up panic.  The Right has become a past master of this with weekly hysterias about Lattegate, Benghazi, and, most egregiously last fall, the Great Ebola Panic, which evaporated at exactly the same moment the elections ended, but which saw the most deranged in GOP leadership calling for mass executions of [Read More…]

This is hilarious

Two men are marrying in New Zealand–gay activists are outraged and horrified! Seems the guys getting married are simply heterosexual buddies who decided to make use of gays’ hard-won struggle to redefine the word “marriage” to mean whatever anybody likes in order to… well, let’s let them explain “We are not here to insult anyone. [Read More…]

PC Agitprop

The Humboldt Penguins in this little tale are gay, so we should imitate the beauty of the natural world in our domestic arrangements, little children. [Read more…]