The Big Winner of the Gay “Marriage” Struggle

David Brooks, Useful Idiot, prophesies the massive panacaeic benefits that gay “marriage” will confer on the world.  Meanwhile, Ms Gessen openly and frankly says that the goal of gay “marriage” is to destroy marriage and the family because they get in the way of homosex. Meanwhile, as in every revolt against Catholic teaching since the [Read More...]

The Miraculous Healing Power of Gay “Marriage”…

…will soon usher in the Great Rosy Dawn: And, who knows, maybe we’ll see other spheres in life where restraints are placed on maximum personal choice. Maybe there will be sumptuary codes that will make lavish spending and CEO salaries unseemly. Maybe there will be social codes so that people understand that the act of [Read More...]

That Didn’t Take Long

The draconian punishments for not supporting gay “marriage” begin. Gay “marriage” is not about what people want to privately believe marriage means to them.  It is about bringing the armed might of the state to bear on punishing people who will not pretend that there is such thing as gay “marriage”.  It will create three [Read More...]


Actual really true quote from gay “marriage” advocate: It’s a no-brainer that we should have the right to marry, but I also think equally that it’s a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist. I don’t think I can agree strongly enough that a person who says this is a no-brainer. And read [Read More...]

No Fault Divorce Was the Bullet to the Brain of Marriage

Gay “marriage” is just kicking the corpse. G.E.M. Anscombe was perfectly right that when you separate reproduction from sex, all forms of polymorphous perversity are on the table. Next up from our manufacturers of Culture in the media: pedophilia as a legitimate “sexual orientation”. Mark my words: the day is coming when the Church will [Read More...]

The problem with gay “marriage” is simple.

It’s not marriage any more than my relationship with my best friend, my grocer, or my brother is marriage.  You can’t make any relationship you please “marriage” by an act of Congress.  All you do is try to force people who know that it’s not marriage to shut up, knuckle under and be silent about your [Read More...]

FT Editor David Mills writes:

In the March issue, now in the mail to subscribers, we published a translation of a paper by the Chief Rabbi of France, Gilles Bernheim, opposing the French government’s move to legalize same-sex marriage (not that the government listened). I’ll spare you the pr language, but he does speak of the subject in a different [Read More...]

The Catholic Stand blog…

offers a post designed to help those of goodwill to get more solid reasoning behind supporting our Church guidance on the issue of gay “marriage”. [Read more...]

Hey Rhode Island!

Your Ruling Class is about to legalize gay “marriage” today. It’s not a done deal though. You can still contact your state senate. [Read more...]