First Wave of Children of Gay Couples…

…are now beginning to report in on the “How were we supposed to know?” phase of history just as most of American civilization is embarking on the “What could it possibly hurt?” phase. Train wreck ahead. But then, this was never about the children. This is about the need for narcissists to feel affirmed in [Read More...]

You may want to sit down for this…

…but a stark–and really quite compassionate contrast–to the approach of the Jerks for Jesus who tell SSA people that their form of temptation is somehow not merely temptation but sin itself is (surprise!) found in this generous and thoughtful video from Michael Voris: I think this is really quite a beautiful approach to the matter. [Read More...]

Sane Melinda Selmys…

…replies to insane Robert Sungenis declaration that it is impossible for gay people to be chaste. It’s a consolation to know that Sungenis has already profoundly marginalized himself with his crazy anti-semitism. I can’t for the life of me understand how anybody can believe that the gospel, which is intended for the salvation of every [Read More...]

Christian Brownshirts on the March!

Ron Belgau, a chaste gay Catholic whom I respect enormously, writes: I saw your update about writing projects, so you’re welcome to put off a response to this for a while. I have to do enough juggling myself to be completely understanding of others’ need to juggle responses. Anyhow, the subject line is somewhat tongue-in-cheek. [Read More...]

What Radical Gays Really Want…

…and will never, ever have. (And this is why, I might add, the demand for gay “marriage” will–apart from the action of grace–inevitably have to lead to the active persecution of Christians and other non-compliant types who refuse to approve of homosex as a positive good. The point of gay “marriage” is this: Tolerance is [Read More...]

Speaking of Which…

Ron Belgau, another chaste gay and completely orthodoxx Catholic, talks about transforming the conversation about homosexuality in the Church. [Read more...]

Several people have written…

wondering if there was some sinister implication to my words about “not supposed to say ‘gay brownshirt’”. Were there Forces at Work behind the scenes? (Meaning “was Patheos trying to tell me what I can and can’t say?”) Answer: No. Nothing like that. I simply meant I’ve gotten email from various readers who argue, rather [Read More...]

An Orthodox writer argues that almost everybody on both sides of the Gay Culture War

…is a Calvinist at heart here in America. It’s a persuasive analysis, though I don’t buy his conclusions. [Read more...]

Reflecting on Last Week

I’ve been pondering last week and trying to understand the reactions to my remarks about Perry Lorenzo, as well as the curious disconnects between me and some readers (and several strangers) have sort of fractalled off into space. I am, for instance, rather astonished that I could begin the week registering my intense dislike of [Read More...]

Oh, and let me add…

People who say, “Sodom and Gomorrah were condemned, not for homosexual acts, but for lack of hospitality” really need to retire that ridiculous meme. The biblical text is pretty obvious. When the angels come to visit Lot in Sodom, he takes them in. “But before they lay down, the men of the city, the men [Read More...]

A final comment on Perry Lorenzo

As I expected, my remarks on Perry Lorenzo have stirred up both hornets and butterflies. Some of the commentary is quite beautiful (particularly from people who knew and remember Perry for the wonderful guy he was). Brings back memories. Other commentary has been more negative (sometimes due to my inexact wording, sometimes due to good [Read More...]