Former Manchester United Footballer is Becoming a Dominican Priest

He’s giving up 500,000 in career earnings and global fame to pursue Jesus Christ in vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. Fr. Niall Sheehan writes from Ireland: Brother Philip was one of two seminarians who served my morning Mass in St Peter’s in Rome on the 15 October, 2011. He was a diocesan seminarian (just [Read More…]

Pope Francis revealed to be Catholic

Reiterates that the Church is not competent to ordain women. Catholics loyal to the Third Vatican Council in shock. The universal description of this in the MSM is that Francis is continuing the “ban” on women priests. To be clear: The Church does not “ban” women from being priests any more than it “bans” consecration [Read More…]

Priests are Men, Not Vending Machines

A fact under discussion over at the Register today. [Read more…]

In Michigan, vocations are busting out all over

This is from over a year ago, but still a hopeful sign. [Read more…]

Clergy Shirts for Catholic Priests

A reader writes: We are a small family business selling clergy shirts to Catholic priests, we are located in London – United Kingdom.  I thought this might be really relevant to your readers. We were hoping you would be so kind as to link to our website, If you are a priest–or perhaps an [Read More…]

Priests, Spiritual Fatherhood, and a Bible Only Protestant

A reader writes: Several months ago, you kindly helped me answer a question a Protestant co-worker asked me about the book of Baruch. This co-worker and I are still corresponding via email discussing the Catholic faith. He asks me questions, and I do my best to answer.  So far, with the help of Catholic Answers, [Read More…]

Altaration Looks Good!

Jack Maguire at Ascension Press writes: I reached out to you a month ago about our company’s newest vocations video, I Will Follow. That has been a huge success, getting over 170k views over the past two months. What an awesome opportunity to tell the world about the priesthood! I’m following back up because I [Read More…]

Thomas Peters on Signs of Hope in the Church

Sign of Hope: The Under-35 Priest [Read more…]

I Will Follow

In service to the Church, Ascension Press has created a video on the vocation of priesthood. This dynamic and thought provoking video shares the compelling testimonies of Fr. Josh Johnson and Fr. Mike Schmitz (of the Diocese of Baton Rouge, LA and Duluth, MN respectively) and their journeys to the priesthood. This 10 minute film [Read More…]

A Short Film and a Trailer for a Feature on the Priestly Vocation

[Read more…]