Altaration Looks Good!

Jack Maguire at Ascension Press writes: I reached out to you a month ago about our company’s newest vocations video, I Will Follow. That has been a huge success, getting over 170k views over the past two months. What an awesome opportunity to tell the world about the priesthood! I’m following back up because I [Read More...]

Thomas Peters on Signs of Hope in the Church

Sign of Hope: The Under-35 Priest [Read more...]

I Will Follow

In service to the Church, Ascension Press has created a video on the vocation of priesthood. This dynamic and thought provoking video shares the compelling testimonies of Fr. Josh Johnson and Fr. Mike Schmitz (of the Diocese of Baton Rouge, LA and Duluth, MN respectively) and their journeys to the priesthood. This 10 minute film [Read More...]

A Short Film and a Trailer for a Feature on the Priestly Vocation

[Read more...]

The world needs more tap-dancing priests

[Read more...]

Brandon Vogt’s Five Year Old Son, Isaiah, is the cutest priest on planet earth

…be sure to stay for the outtakes. [Read more...]

Today is International Buy a Priest a Beer Day

Proceed accordingly. Beer:  It built the Pyramids and it’s building the Temple of the Living God.  Is there anything it can’t do? [Read more...]

Thank God for Consistent Moral Theologians Like Fr. Ford

John Herreid at Ignatius sends this along: An excerpt from Russell Shaw’s book “American Church: The Remarkable Rise, Meteoric Fall, and Uncertain Future of Catholicism in America”: As they’d done in every other American war, U.S. Catholics in large numbers fought in World War II. The Church vigorously supported the war effort. The habits of [Read More...]

Congratulations to Newly Minted Baby Priest Fr. Gaurav Shroff!

A reader writes: I remember seeing mention of a friend of mine, Gaurav Shroff, on your blog a few years back. You probably already know this, but Fr. Shroff was ordained to the Holy Priesthood in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta this past Saturday. He is tremendously faithful and inspiring person, and God will [Read More...]

Fr Niall Sheehan writes…

…from the Emerald Isle: It has been awhile since I last wrote to you. The neurosurgeons successfully removed the cyst from my brainstem and so far so good. I had the operation – which lasted nine hours – and has left me with a Blofeld scar running the length of the back of my head. [Read More...]