US to Vets

“Thanks for risking your life for us. Get out.” I think deporting Congress and giving these guys their jobs is a sounder approach. [Read more...]

Thank you

Take it easy today, troops.  You deserve it. [Read more...]

Obama to Troops

Bend over–again. You guys and your families need to sacrifice more pay and benefits while I go golfing with my cronies. Be sure to pay your taxes before I send you into harm’s way again. We can’t waste it on your insignificant widows and orphans when there are incompetent executives who still lack gold bathroom [Read More...]

Ruling Class Continues Treating Troops…

…like pawns and lab rats. And what they do to the troops in their absolute power, they long to do to the rest of us, since they are convinced they know what’s best and that they deserve the total control over us they already enjoy over our troops. People can only take so much. Our [Read More...]

Every Friday Morning at the Pentagon

Read this and say thanks to a vet. [Read more...]

A Marine writes…

Good freaking grief! We’ve been at war for ten freaking years, with our ruling class treating our military, as Mark says, like cement to be shoveled around the world at will. What do they expect? We are ruled by a criminal class of vampires who suck the life out of these good men and women [Read More...]

To All Our Troops Living and Dead

Thank you and God bless you! [Read more...]