Some happy news from my state of Washington

A new program is getting prisoners here to work saving our bee population. [Read more…]

The UN and the World Health Organization are vaccinating…

116 million African children against polio. The complete argument against Libertarianism is that it must be believed with religious faith by Libertarians that this is a major tragedy because it is a “triumph of Big Government”. It must also be believed on pain of heresy that this project could be entirely achieved by plucky individuals [Read More…]

“We’re in this with you”

Iraqi Muslim rebuilds crucifix desecrated by ISIS. Beautiful to see! [Read more…]

Trump CIA pick Pompeo says he would refuse to reboot torture program

I am really delighted to hear that.  Thanks be to God! [Read more…]

New Ebola Vaccine gives 100% Protection

If you are a normal person, this is fantastic news.  If you are a Libertarian, you are furious because this is the result of a massive governmental effort that gives the lie to your theory that the state is a failure and everything can be achieved by a plucky guy with a home lab kit [Read More…]

British Boy Marvels at Kansas City’s Kindness…

…as he battles bone cancer. Such a beautiful thing to see. Bravo KC! [Read more…]

Story on a cheap new technique for providing clean water

Also, a bit of good news on an answered prayer.  A reader writes: I found this to be very uplifting and thought you might want to share it with your readers.  God bless. Paper made at WMU to provide clean water for impoverished countries Also here is a link to the other company involved. I [Read More…]

God bless General Mattis

Marine General James “Mad Dog” Mattis appears to be a soldier of the old school who recognizes that war requires violence, but that such violence is something you have to do, not something you get to do.  One of his more memorable quotes (in a speech to his troop when they arrived in Iraq in [Read More…]

Beautiful story of an assistant teacher with Down Syndrome

[Read more…]


Public outcry get the Feds to take the screws off vets. [Read more…]