Bravo OSV!

…for restating the ancient teaching of the Church that the ends do not justify the means. [Read more...]

Australians Deal with Terrorism…

…the way you should. Virtue: It’s not just the way to heaven, it’s also smart. [Read more...]

Australia Just Showed the World…

Exactly How to Respond to Terrorism. Well done, Oz!  Well done! [Read more...]

Beautiful Story

How a Magazine Article Convinced a Former Ballet Dancer to Teach People with Down Syndrome [Read more...]

Excellent! Here’s a sample of fully prolife thinking

A reader writes: Since you have been calling on Catholics to be pro-life and not just anti-abortion, I thought you might want to know that 23 pro-life organizations filed a brief in an upcoming Supreme Court case, Young v. UPS, regarding a claim brought against UPS for pregnancy discrimination, in support of the woman whose [Read More...]

Hopeful News from the Abortion Front

A reader notes: Being CNN journalism, it’s hard to tell for sure. But reading carefully — sometimes between the lines — it seems to be ultimately good news. All the usual “war on women” tactics aren’t working like they used to. Even the rabidly pro-abortion candidates have had to town it down and instead focus [Read More...]

Hopeful News About Brittany Maynard

It appears she may be rethinking her decision to commit suicide. Please do, dear. There are all sorts of people who love you and are praying for you. One of the really lovely things to come out of this crisis has been the compassionate love of fellow sufferers who have sought to come alongside Ms. [Read More...]

Well done, Officer Mook!

Well done indeed! [Read more...]

Interesting Move of the Spirit in Ireland

An Irish reader writes: A BBC top political correspondent here in Northern Ireland – Martina Purdy – is taking tentative steps towards religious life with the Sisters of Adoration & Reparation. Originally from West Belfast (predominantly a Nationalist/Republican area- not like ‘your’ Republicans…) but reared in Canada she had a high reputation among politicians across [Read More...]

Homestarrunner is back! Let Joy Be Unconfined!

For those of you unfamiliar with the genius of, go here and browse around (particularly the StrongBad emails) and enjoy! [Read more...]