God bless General Mattis

Marine General James “Mad Dog” Mattis appears to be a soldier of the old school who recognizes that war requires violence, but that such violence is something you have to do, not something you get to do.  One of his more memorable quotes (in a speech to his troop when they arrived in Iraq in [Read More…]

Beautiful story of an assistant teacher with Down Syndrome

[Read more…]


Public outcry get the Feds to take the screws off vets. [Read more…]

Frank Capra Movie in Real Life

…as grotesque racist mayor gets kicked out of his job and a new guy is sworn in on an old Bible in West York, PA, with cross around his neck and everything.  Nice to see. [Read more…]

Bob Dylan Wins Nobel Prize for Literature

This will thrill Bishop Robert Barron, who is a huge fan. [Read more…]

Bravo to Donald Trump!

No.  Seriously. He proposes six weeks paid maternity leave.  This is how civilized countries treat new mothers.  Good for him. [Read more…]

Fantastically Good News

The Obama Administration has announced that it will end the use of private for-profit prisons, one of the most pernicious developments in American history over the past few decades.  It, in combination with a war on drugs targeting minorities and such monstrous things as this (now jailed) judge who made a fortune selling kids into the [Read More…]

There have been some beautiful moments…

at the Olympics. [Read more…]

How Portugal Kicked the Habit

When your policies are documentable failures, the smart thing is to try new policies that actually work: “This isn’t theoretical. It is happening. I have seen it. Nearly fifteen years ago, Portugal had one of the worst drug problems in Europe, with 1 percent of the population addicted to heroin. They had tried a drug [Read More…]

Muslims Join Catholics at Mass…

in show of solidarity across France.  More of this, please. [Read more…]