Praise Him with Great Praise

Last Christmas, a woman stole five eggs to feed her children.  Instead of busting  her, the Alabama Officer William Stacy and his fellow officers brought her food.  This is what a guardian cop looks like. [Read more…]

Trump Does the Right Thing

He could have turned it into a narcissistic race-baiting moment.  He didn’t.  Well done. [Read more…]

Four Brides…

Lovely story of four Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal taking final vows by my pal Kelly Scott Franklin. [Read more…]

So Beautiful!

Albuquerque finds a brilliant and humane approach to help the homeless: [Read more…]

Bravo, Abp. Cupich!

The Archdiocese of Chicago is offering 12 weeks of paid parental leave for mothers and fathers following birth or adoption. [Read more…]

Former Planned Parenthood Staffer…

…joins Iowa Right to Life staff. [Read more…]

The Bus That Fought Back

This story of a busload of Muslims who defended the Christian on board from terrorists is as important a story as United 93, and for the same reason. Also, it is a much happier story. [Read more…]

After her intended cancelled the wedding…

Sacramento woman donates banquet to homeless What a beautiful way to turn sorrow into joy! [Read more…]

Yay! Brandon Vogt’s Return is here

Here is the trailer: And here is a sample lesson: And here is a sample interview with Jen Fulweiler: And here is the website where anybody struggling with a loved one who has left the Church can go for for wise and practical help. [Read more…]

Undercover Cop Rips the Lid off the Shocking Underworld…

…of really sweet, decent people doing all sorts of kind things! [Read more…]