Breaking: Nigerian Army Rescues 200 Girls, 93 Women

…plus 3 Boko Haram camps destroyed! I sure hope this story is true! Thanks be to God if so! #bringbackourgirls [Read more…]

Gay Woman Donates $20 to Pizzeria

…that this has to be described as a “bold stand” says all you need to know about the intolerance of the mob that tried to destroy the owners of that business. Her explanation is common sense itself: “My girlfriend and I are small business owners, and we think there is a difference between operating in [Read More…]

Chivalry is Not Dead

Basketball players spring to the defense of a girl with Down Syndrome. [Read more…]

Congratulations to John C. Wright and Mike Flynn…

Hugo Award nominees!!! By the way, I interviewed both of them on my show recently. You can listen to the shows here. A Happy Easter indeed! [Read more…]

Army Rangers are on a Mission to Defeat ISIS…

…with flipflops. Making people full participants in the dignity of work and the creation of wealth is always a good thing. It helps stop wars. ISIS can’t go on if it stops making converts of desperate angry nuts. People tend to be less desperate and angry when they have a job and family to care [Read More…]

Jean Vanier wins Templeton Prize

Good to see one of the good guys honored as he should be. [Read more…]

Holocaust Survivor…

…meets the man who liberated him from Dachau in an emotional reunion. Very moving. [Read more…]

84% of Americans would ban abortion…

…after three months of pregnancy. And around 70% oppose taxpayer funding for abortion, with the biggest percentages coming from Millenials, cuz the prolife movement is getting younger. [Read more…]

Can human cloning really be wrong…

…when nice stormtroopers do such thoughtful things as give a little boy a 3-D printed arm? [Read more…]

Lovely to see near the anniversary of Roe v. Wade Day

Stanford docs defy abortion recommendation and remove tumor instead of baby. God bless ’em. [Read more…]