Wonderful to See New Writers Emerging

A reader writes: Some of your readers might be interested in supporting a young Catholic writer: Named after the Jesuit thinker and writer, Rev. James V. Schall, the fellowship aims to advance solid Catholic thinking on topics in society, community, and morality. Each semester and summer, a new applicant will be selected for this position, [Read More...]

Good News! NOW’s 28 Year Battle to Smash Prolife Speech has Ended in Defeat

They have to pay Joe Scheidler’s and other prolife activists’ court costs. I hope it bankrupts the little fascists. Hurray for good guys winning! [Read more...]

Yay! Scott Hahn will be teaching at Mundelein!

More good things happening as a result of Fr. Robert Barron’s work. [Read more...]

John Michael Talbot has a new show

Here’s a hopeful sign: [Read more...]

I’ve always liked Robert Downey, Jr.

Here’s another reason why.  The man is a mensch. [Read more...]

Good to see

Nienstadt cleared of all charges. [Read more...]

One Teacher’s Extraordinary Love

HT: Bill Doino, Jr. [Read more...]

Marc Barnes and others…

…are up to good things as Franciscan students work to leaven the town of Steubenvill with the gospel per Evangelii Gaudium and the Church’s missionary imperative.  I love that guy and I love that school. [Read more...]

Take This Town and Shove It

A former DC reporter escapes the Beltway Bubble and finds happiness. [Read more...]

First Ordinariate Monastery to be Founded on New Year’s Day

Applicants for vocations must demonstrate a faith in Jesus Christ and the teaching of the Catholic Church and then use the Siena Institute Called and Gifted Spiritual Gifts Inventory to show that they have the charism of being cuddly and adorable, like these two sisters (especially the uber-cuddly and adorable one on the right).   [Read more...]