Holocaust Survivor…

…meets the man who liberated him from Dachau in an emotional reunion. Very moving. [Read more…]

84% of Americans would ban abortion…

…after three months of pregnancy. And around 70% oppose taxpayer funding for abortion, with the biggest percentages coming from Millenials, cuz the prolife movement is getting younger. [Read more…]

Can human cloning really be wrong…

…when nice stormtroopers do such thoughtful things as give a little boy a 3-D printed arm? [Read more…]

Lovely to see near the anniversary of Roe v. Wade Day

Stanford docs defy abortion recommendation and remove tumor instead of baby. God bless ’em. [Read more…]

Lovely to see!

Woman bags her high tech job and opens a restaurant that hires refugees. [Read more…]

Another Point of Light

[Read more…]

Bravo OSV!

…for restating the ancient teaching of the Church that the ends do not justify the means. [Read more…]

Australians Deal with Terrorism…

…the way you should. Virtue: It’s not just the way to heaven, it’s also smart. [Read more…]

Australia Just Showed the World…

Exactly How to Respond to Terrorism. Well done, Oz! ¬†Well done! [Read more…]

Beautiful Story

How a Magazine Article Convinced a Former Ballet Dancer to Teach People with Down Syndrome [Read more…]