How fun!

Two of my favorite people, Sr. Miriam Heidland and Audrey Assad, will be be at the Rise Up Conference in Canada. A reader writes: It is the largest Catholic University student conference in Canada, with an expected 700+ students attending this year. Catholic Christian Outreach is, in most respects, the Canadian version of FOCUS, with [Read More...]

Thank you guys so much!

I wanted to mention, I got a phone call the other day from the person who had written to say her friends needed help making the rent. Thanks to your amazing generosity, they met their rent and had a bit left over for Christmas, thus demonstrating once again that your kindness and goodness is a [Read More...]

Nice to See the American Chesterton Society Get Recognized!

American Chesterton Society has been selected for the 2013 Best of Minneapolis Awards for Non-Profit Organizations Boo, as they say, yah! [Read more...]

Godwin Delali Adadzie is one of my favorite people on the Internet

He’s a gung ho African evangelist for the Faith and he writes: Could you share my work on the Hail Mary over here and also ask the people to download my booklet, print it out and share it with others by visiting Blog: Godwin is one of the reasons the Church is booming [Read More...]

Well done, Sinead O’Connor

I’ve never paid much attention to Sinead O’Connor.  I’m one of those people who sort of stopped paying attention to pop music somewhere around 1983.  No time.  I was dimly aware that she ripped up a picture of JPII and also dimly aware that she apologized for that and, if memory serves, went for some [Read More...]

Some Good News from Thomas Peters

His toes wave hello. Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ.  Father, continue healing him completely.  We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ. [Read more...]

42nd Charnel House Closed This Year

The Gosnellification of the baby slaughter industry continues. “This is the 42nd abortion clinic to close nationally in 2013. Clinic safety regulations have contributed to many of the closings. This number far eclipses the 24 abortion clinics that closed in 2012. Since 1991, over 70% of all abortion clinics in the U.S. have closed.” If [Read More...]

Free Speech for Pro-Life Students

A reader writes: We recently settled a lawsuit that we brought against our daughter’s public charter school. We filed a complaint after our 6th-grader was told that she could not distribute pro-life messages to her friends at lunch. They printed positive emblems from the web to cut out and tape to their planners and book [Read More...]

Good News From Texas

Abby Johnson’s abortion clinic she used to run for Planned Parenthood in Texas has shuttered its doors as a result of the law which her conversion and lobbying helped to pass. God is good. [Read more...]

Well Done, Texas!

Good job on passing the “Make Abortion Charnelhouses Adhere to Minimum Standards of Post-Gosnell Health Code Levels” bill over the protests of enraged and evil satan worshippers and vicious baby-slaughtering lunatics and enemies God and the human race.  Special props to Rick Perry for making it happen.  May such laws proliferate and may pro-aborts who oppose [Read More...]