Leo Traynor is a class act

Anybody who has ever had to deal with a troll can appreciate the magnanimity and classiness of this man’s actions. Way to go, good sir! [Read more...]

Looks like Brett Salkeld….

… took 2nd place in the 2 minute thesis contest. [Read more...]

Very Good News!

The Chinese Government issued a document to Family Planning offices that bans forced abortion and sterilization. A step forward. God hasten the day this evil regime is converted to Christ. Update: Steve Mosher says, “Belay that!” [Read more...]

Good on Fr. Peter West!

For those who followed the Facebook contretemps over the weekend, Fr. Peter writes: Mark Shea has revised his article on Perry Lorenzo and removed an offensive post about John Corapi. While Mark and I continue to have serious disagreements, they are on matters related to prudential judgments not the Catholic faith. I consider Mark to [Read More...]

Good News!

Obama Catholic Support Cut In Half – Only 27% of Catholics Support Abortion President Today Also, another abortion clinic hears that old refrain: [Read more...]


[Read more...]

People Can Be So Wonderful Sometimes

Somebody finds a bag with $3000 in it and returns it to its owners. God bless ‘em! [Read more...]

Well done, Mr. Bale

Visits victims in CO on his own dime. Classy.  The reason the pic is so crummy is because he told the press to stay away.  I’m likin’ this guy.  He also, by the way, tried to very publicly go see a prolife guy who was being persecuted by the Commies while he was in China.  [Read More...]

The Weapons of Our Warfare

Fantastic story over on Al Kresta’s site: Not long ago, Gerry Brundage nervously signed up to lead a local 40 Days for Life campaign in his community of Sherman, Texas. He wasn’t sure if people would join their vigil outside of the local Planned Parenthood, or if they would see any results … but Gerry [Read More...]

Excellent News!

Zippy Catholic has put the archives of his (alas) late (but still great) blog up here. This is the guy who did (among other things) the most thorough dismantling and evisceration of the dreadful and shameful “arguments” and excuses for enhanced interrogation torture of anybody I know. All those arguments will come roaring back should [Read More...]

Ron Perlman is a good egg…

…and a charming devil. [Read more...]

Hey Western Washington!

A reader writes: Help save unborn babies! Please consider joining fellow Pro-Lifers on Saturday, July 28th, for the annual 4US Flagship Event at Fort Steilacoom Park in Lakewood. It is a Walk, Run, Bike, and Ride event that celebrates the gift of life and raises money for young women in crisis pregnancies by buying ultrasound [Read More...]