God bless Theresa Yoshioka

She writes and speaks with her husband, former gay activist Alan Yoshioka, about the call on the whole Church for the pastoral care of persons with same-sex attraction. Here is a highly intelligent, sensitive, and deeply Catholic piece on the obligation of the Church to reach out to and welcome same-sex attracted persons as human [Read More...]

Got to see some of my favorite people this past weekend

Several, actually.  Holy Family in Kirkland, Washington had their big family conference this past weekend and had both Scott Hahn and Jason Stellman speak.  Jason is a former Presby pastor who has, with tremendous courage, converted to the Catholic faith–alone in his family–and left behind all job security out of conscience.  He is a huge [Read More...]

More Promising Signs the Media May Be Raising Their Catholic IQ

First, NBC hires Fr. Barron as a resource for the conclave (and, one hopes, beyond). Now HuffPo, after a remarkably balanced attempt to talk about celibacy that included both me and Fr. Sullins on the panel to give the Church’s actual theology of virginity, now is having my friend, the formidable Dr. Pia de Solenni [Read More...]

This is something approaching a miracle for me

A politician has done something I actually find inspiring. Yesterday we actually heard the St. Crispin’s Day speech on the floor of the Senate. And people are flocking to Rand Paul’s support. Heck, you’ve got John Cusack, of all people, coming to Paul’s support and asking where the hell the Democrats are, while Salon is [Read More...]

One of the Things I Don’t Get…

are people like Bill Maher going on about the evils of vaccination. Behold. Seems like a huge gift to the human race to me. [Read more...]

Extremely Good News

Fr. Robert Barron has finally been noticed by the MSM and gone into their Rolodex.  Well done, NBC!  For the first time in ages, I felt an uptick in the MSM reportage IQ on the Catholic Church. [Read more...]

Good Guys Win One

Yay! Teen successfully fights pressure to abort. [Read more...]

Another Convert is Called to the Altar

I wonder how many stories there are like this one.  Always lovely to see another soul find the fullness of the revelation and come to our Lord in obedience.  May God our Father bless him and strengthen him with the gifts of grace in the sacraments and keep him safe and strong in the faith [Read More...]

The Imaginative Conservative is Shaping Up to Be Really Good!

Here’s another fine piece from them: The Church Building as a Sacred Place: Beauty, Transcendence, and the Eternal More conservatism that conserves, please! [Read more...]

This is promising

First, the existence of “The Imaginative Conservative” gives me heart. Second, they have a nifty article on von Balthasar and Sacred Architecture. [Read more...]