Kudos to Arizona!

…for cutting off all funding to Murder Inc! Well done! [Read more...]

Alabama to Abortion Mill:

Too bad. So sad. [Read more...]

The Christians in this story…

put me to shame. This inspires me to decrease the suck and increase the awesome in my life. My apologies for so often responding with rancor and not love to people. It’s been a subject of prayer of late and I’m trying to make changes. Your prayers are appreciated. [Read more...]

A story that gives me hope

In case you are wondering, this is a picture of Andrew Breitbart, Jamie Weinstein, Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, and Tucker Carlson who all had a jolly dinner together a couple of months ago, which Ayers writes about quite beautifully here. What’s striking to me is how Ayers describes the tribal fears and hostility he meets [Read More...]

Another Joyous Token of Easter

Catholics and Protestants in a joint Good Friday procession in Ireland! I am lovin’ me some Easter this year! [Read more...]