Here’s a bit of Good News!

My friend Jason Hall was on Marcus Grodi’s “The Journey Home” the other night: I like it when two people I like meet each other. There’s something about friendship and love that increases exponentially instead of arithmetically. [Read more...]

Kate Middleton’s Pregnancy is Having Happy Effects

For instance, Gawker inadvertantly spoke the awkward truth to a great big huge audience of Chattering Class folk by tweeting: “CONFIRMED: THERE IS A HUMAN BEING GROWING INSIDE KATE MIDDLETON #baby #baby #baby” Yes.  Yes there is. Meanwhile, Dawn Eden writes: Glory, hallelujah–the Washington Post’s “On Faith” just published a beautiful op-ed by my friend [Read More...]

Hope for the Human Race

Lotto winner spreads wealth around Terrace, B.C. [Read more...]

Huzzah for Feinstein, Lee and Paul

Any blow that can be struck against the Police State is fine by me: The U.S. Senate voted on Amendment No. 3018 to the National Defense Authorization Act sponsored by Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Mike Lee (R-Utah), and co-sponsored by Sen. Rand Paul, which protects the rights prescribed to Americans in the Sixth Amendment [Read More...]

Welcome Leah Libresco, my Sister in Christ!

Tomorrow, Leah will be baptized, confirmed, and make her first communion. It was a joy to meet her in Baltimore and see how full of faith and vivacious she is. Not to mention extremely smart. It is a joy to see a heart and soul as keen as hers is for love, goodness, beauty, and [Read More...]

I’m feeling very hopeful

One of the fruits of the election is that a real conversation has broken out among Catholic conservatives that looks like it could be very productive: Check out our web journal, Ethika Politika, at the Center for Morality in Public Life. ( We published several articles inspired by your “widow’s mite” thesis during the last [Read More...]

The Delightful Brandon Vogt writes

Last Spring, a writer at Boston Magazine did a big feature story on Catholic life in Boston after the abuse-crisis. Yesterday, he posted a follow-up article where he shared his experiences at St. John’s Seminary. He recounts his most poignant memory, which involved sitting in on a liturgy class where the seminarians were shown several videos on the [Read More...]

John Barnes…

…gets it. A few million more like him and we’ll start to actually see some real hope and change nationally. But the main event, as ever, is not “making a big impact nationally”. It’s personal change, repentance, and thinking of your vote as a pinch of incense offered either to God or to an idol. [Read More...]

God love the Hospital Workers of NYC

Outstanding work guys! May it be remembered in your favor on That Day. [Read more...]

Happy News on the HHS Front!

First, Frank Weathers get double plus points for the Schoolhouse Rock reference. Second, the HHS get serious minus points from a Michigan court and an injunction against it freezes it in its tracks. May it get so bogged down in the courts that it is never implemented and may our Tyrant King’s efforts to fight [Read More...]