Rising Tide Car Wash

…employs only people with autism: You can check out their website here. [Read more...]

Grace is Dark Matter

Newfoundland woman offers free room for sick travellers.  One of the millions of tiny acts of unheralded love that made the world go round. Also, in other glad news: Indonesian girl feared killed in 2004 tsunami found alive Girl found nearly 128 km south of her home, where she was raised by an elderly woman [Read more...]

Good Cops Help Out Needy Family

More like these guys! Well done, officers! [Read more...]

Obscure Heroes

Nicholas Winton: The man who saved children from Hitler The CBC’s Joe Schlesinger, who files the report, was one of 669 Jewish children rescued from the encroaching Nazis in 1939. [Read more...]

A Beautiful Story

People can be so wonderful. Thanks be to God for the ones in this story. [Read more...]


Chris Koch is from Nanton Alberta. He spends his spring, summer and fall working on a farm in Torquay, Saskatchewan. Chris runs the planter & sprayer in the spring, and then a combine in the fall.During the winter he does some public speaking with a theme call “If I Can”.  He’s one of the billion points [Read More...]

Cancer-Stricken Mom Gives Up Eye…

…to save her baby. God love her. As heroic as anything that happened at Normandy. Father, bless her through Christ our Lord. And Mother Mary, pray for her and her baby. These are the secret, unnoticed people who hold the world together by the grace of God. [Read more...]

But Who Is My Neighbor?

A certain man with no shoes was riding on a bus in Canada, so a Muslim took off his shoes, gave them to the shoeless man and disappeared. It’s worth remembering that Jesus deliberately made Samaritans–ancestral enemies of the Jews–the hero of his parable in order to point out that all it takes to be [Read More...]

A Beautiful 70 Year Love Story

…ends with bittersweet beauty.  God grant them eternity to love more deeply still.  It is quiet, good lives like these that the Kingdom of God is largely made of. Most of the saints are going to be people we never heard of.  Grace is dark matter. [Read more...]

Grace is Dark Matter

Woman who brings bannock to hungry marks 1 year anniversary Winnipeg’s ‘Bannock Lady’ still giving away food to Winnipeg’s homeless The world is held together by people we’ve never heard of. [Read more...]