What Most of Human Life is Like

Disabled man gets birthday scooter from coffee buddy Most of human existence consists of millions of such small and unheralded acts of goodness and decency. But the media thrives on stories of conflict. This is why God is hidden in plain view. He is constantly at work in millions of ways and places through millions [Read More...]

Grace is Dark Matter

Most of life consists of small and hidden acts of simple decency, kindness and love–like this one. “Truly, thou art a God who hidest thyself, O God of Israel, the Savior. 16 All of them are put to shame and confounded, the makers of idols go in confusion together.” – Isaiah 45:15-16 That’s because the [Read More...]

Grace is Dark Matter

Disabled breakdancing champ teaches disabled kids to dance It’s things like this where most of real life actually happens. On Judgment Day, we’re going to hear the entire real history of the human race that never got covered by the press and never made it into the history books. [Read more...]

God Bless Antoinette Tuff!

The world is full of ordinary heroes and saints who nobody ever hears about.  Grace is dark matter.  Or, as the Pope says, people hear the tree that falls, but not the forest quietly growing. [Read more...]

The most uncovered story of our time…

is the news that most of the news is actually good news but that this is obscured by the fact that the media (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Principalities and Powers Inc.) don’t report that news and instead report bad news. My friend Pia de Solenni talks about what is *mostly* going on in the world [Read More...]

Amazing Grace

A reader writes from the pro-life trenches: One day [while protesting in front of a Planned Parenthood office], a very angry woman approached our little group. She began talking to a woman who has been a decades long member of a local crisis pregnancy center [...]. The angry woman explained that she was pro-choice and [Read More...]

In Heaven…

this man, who gave $200,000 in shoeshine tips to kids in need will be household name and most of the famous people in our culture would be totally obscure. That’s how God works: in the hidden, the secret and the small. That’s why kids get him and adults don’t. Kids notice all the small stuff [Read More...]

Grace is Dark Matter

Here’s a story about a guy you’ve never heard of who has quietly helped hold civilization together by little acts of generous goodness: Ottawa names street after Dave Smith “People say ‘well what makes you do this?’ Well I remember in the winter time … and my mother came home with no coat. And I [Read More...]

Grace is Dark Matter

Things like this happen every day.  But they don’t sell much beer and shampoo, so you don’t hear about them as much.  But they are the oil of the Holy Spirit that not only keeps civilization from overheaing and burning up, but quietly turns people into saints. ‘Secret Santa’ showers Sandy victims with cash Kansas [Read More...]

Grace is Dark Matter

It makes up most of the universe and we almost never see it talked about because the news media, a wholly owned subsidiary of Principalities, Powers, & Co. doesn’t report on it, preferring junk that sells beer and shampoo. Still stories like this actually abound, if you look for them: Since you like stories of [Read More...]

Grace, Beauty and Joy are Dark Matter

They are real and make up huge portions of reality, but are typically hidden, since they don’t sell as much beer and shampoo as evil and tragedy, so the media (a wholly owned subsidiary of HellCo) don’t pay them much attention. Here is one such moment of grace. [Read more...]