Just for perspective…

while we’ve been panicked about the death toll being inflicted by refugees and terrorists on our soil (currently standing at a whopping 0), there are 1553 dead and 2900 wounded since January 1st of 2017, thanks to our annual harvest of 33,000 dead from guns. But of course, any thought of attempting any changes whatsoever [Read More…]

House GOP just voted to allow severely mentally ill people…

…to buy guns. Of course they did. [Read more…]

Prayers for Ohio State

Father, bring this madness to an end through your Son Jesus Christ. Here’s a way to start, courtesy of our shepherds–assuming we are serious about being prolife. [Read more…]

The NRA: Working to Ensure Maximum Slaughter

Every year about 33-34,000 people are slaughtered with guns.  One of them, last year, was an eight year old girl named MaKayla Dyer.  She was slaughtered by an 11 year old neighbor bully who wanted to see her puppies.  When she refused, he went and got Dad’s shotgun, took aim at her heart out the window, [Read More…]

Today’s Gun Slaughter Brought to You by the NRA

Five dead up the road from my house. Looked at Ted Cruz’ highly principled endorsement of the man he declared a “serial philanderer,” a “pathological liar,” “utterly amoral,” and a “sniveling coward”; who insulted his wife’s looks; who insinuated Cruz’s father was involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Here’s what mattered to Cruz [Read More…]

Gabby Giffords has a rather personal interest in gun violence

A friend writes: Thought this was interesting on the gun control front – Gabby Gifford’s PAC gave their endorsement to PA GOP senator Pat Toomey, for his instances of pushing back against the NRA, especially following Sandy Hook. Truthfully Toomey’s gun control efforts were pretty mild, and a low bar to clear for an endorsement, [Read More…]

Guardians, Not Warriors

Heard a really interesting interview on my drive up to Canada yesterday about the right and wrong way to form cops so that they approach their work as guardians of the common good and not (as does happen) as militarized warriors against a subject population. Check it out. It resonated, particularly since I was fresh [Read More…]

Common Sense

[Read more…]

3 of 64 Human Sacrifices to the Gun Cult Last Weekend

…were children. At this point, it always customary to jeer that Chicago has tight gun laws while avoiding the fact that it is still super-easy to acquire guns outside Chicago. The goal, forever, is to make sure that nothing ever changes to prevent the perfectly predictable and completely preventable slaughter of 33,000 human beings each [Read More…]

Another Well-Order Militiaman…

…shoots and kills his son in another tragic, futile, and completely preventable death. Today’s human sacrifice to the Gun Cult. [Read more…]