An Act of Reparation for My Mean Mean Unfairness

I so often hear the complaint that my criticism of the anti-abortion-but-not-prolife Right unfairly focuses on the crazy inhumanity of the radical fringe and does not acknowledge the good mainstream people in the haunted ruins of what was once conservatism. So let me take a moment to applaud the radical fringe–represented by the good governor [Read More…]

Profiles in Courage

“Armenian genocide is not an allegation, a personal opinion, or a point of view, but rather a widely documented fact supported by an overwhelming body of historical evidence. The facts are undeniable. An official policy that calls on diplomats to distort the historical facts is an untenable policy.” – Barack Obama, 2008 Barack Obama, April 24, [Read More…]

Gutless Brandeis U Chickens Out

…rescinds honorary doctorate for Aayan Hirsi Ali because they are afraid of vengeful Bronze Age Savages. Scott Dodge notes: For those who do not know, Hirsi Ali first came to prominence in the Netherlands for collaborating with Theo Van Gogh on his film Submission. As a result of making this film, Van Gogh was stabbed-to-death [Read More…]

Tom Kreitzberg Speaks for Me…

…regarding the preposterous claim that there was nothing the Diocese of San Diego could do for an abused woman and her four children besides kick mom out of her job and ban the kids from the school system for the crime of being abused: There are no Knights of Columbus councils in San Diego? No [Read More…]

The Raw Uncompromising Courage of the Professional Atheist

Richard Dawkins fearlessly derides a weak, sick old man, not to mention gutsily taking on the followers of a religion that commands them to love their enemies. Moving from that act of courage, he also attacks a tiny global religious minority (who will no doubt pull the hidden levers of InJewCon to destroy him) for [Read More…]