Dawn Eden has some fine reflections on the recent Courage/EnCourage conference

She writes: Since returning last Sunday from the four-day Courage/EnCourage conference, where I spoke about healing sexual wounds with the help of the saints, I have wanted to write about what it was like for me to witness the vital work done by the Catholic apostolate that ministers to same-sex-attracted men and women as well as their relatives, [Read More…]

Hey Prolife Irish!

Senator Ronan Mullen of your séanad writes: We are at a critical stage in relation to the legal protection of unborn children. Abortion legislation could be agreed upon at Government level in the next 14 days. Politicians need to hear from us about the importance of protecting our two-patient model of maternal care. It’s about [Read More…]

More Signs of Hope

As Catholics dissatisfied with our broken politics begin to do what Americans excel at when machines don’t work.  Try to invent a better machine.  Reader Jack Quirk writes: Your article entitled “Well that didn’t take long” was outstanding. There is a movement in its beginning stages with two Facebook pages: http://www.facebook.com/christiandemocracy and http://www.facebook.com/groups/christiandemocracyusa/ . We are [Read More…]