Dad Refuses to Give Up Son with Down Syndrome

The man is a hero. [Read more...]

Beautiful and Heroic Sacrifice

Marine Corps mom sacrifices her own cancer treatment so that her child can live. God grant her a speedy and full recovery and long years of joy with her family through our Lord Jesus Christ. [Read more...]

Diocese of Raleigh Seminarian with terminal brain cancer responds to Brittany Maynard

The Diocese of Raleigh writes: Philip Johnson, a 30-year-old Catholic seminarian from the Diocese of Raleigh who has terminal brain cancer, has written an article responding to Brittany Maynard, the 29-year-old woman who has publicly stated her plan to commit suicide due to the fact that she has a terminal brain cancer. Johnson is vocal [Read More...]

Fr. Angelo Mary Geiger Continues to Fight the Good Fight

…in defense of the Faith and the Holy Father against Reactionary enemies of both.  God bless his work in the Vineyard. [Read more...]

Eternal Memory, Fr. Tom Kraft, OP

Today is the fifth anniversary of his death.  Here is a little piece I wrote to try to honor his self-offering, which was the most heroic thing I have ever witnessed. [Read more...]

Eternal Memory

Call to Honor Pakistani Boy in Fatal Tackle of a Bomber ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Aitzaz Hasan, a 15-year-old ninth grader, was late for school and rushing with two friends to make the morning assembly when they were stopped by a stranger wearing the same uniform as theirs, who curiously asked for directions. Aitzaz grew suspicious, [Read More...]