There’s a new biography out about Irena Sendler…

…who saved 2500 Jewish children from death during the Holocaust.  She personifies the truth that grace is dark matter, hidden, quiet, unnoticed by the whole world, and yet constituting the force that hold the universe together.  How many Irena Sendlers are there that go utterly unnoticed in this life and yet who are, in fact, [Read More…]

Hero of the Day

Muslim Man Hugs ISIS Suicide Bomber Moments Before Detonation, Saves Hundreds of Lives Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. – John 15:13 [Read more…]

Mother Olga Yaqob is a healer and a peacemaker

Survivor of four wars brings the light of Christ to Boston. It will be fascinating, on That Day, to see who God reckons as the Great Figures of each historical period.  I suspect that the vast majority of them will be people we never heard of while the most famous people in the world will [Read More…]

Belgian Catholic Care Home fined…

…for refusing euthanasia. Bravo, Catholic caregivers! [Read more…]

Another hopeful sign…

…as Southern Baptists give the Confederate flag the heave-ho. Russell Moore has the details. Here is the historic moment “Against Confederate Battle Flag and for the Kingdom”: “I rise to say that all the confederate flags in the world are not worth one soul of any race.” That is Christian evangelical zeal. Well done! Well [Read More…]

Thank Goodness that, as Donald Trump’s Ascendancy has Shown…

….that ugly legacy of racism no longer exists. Indeed, as Trump’s valiant youth of serial fornication as his “personal Vietnam” demonstrates, Trump completely identifies with and shared Ali’s sufferings as a conscientious objector. Ali suffered jail time for his convictions. Trump suffered an infant nephew with cerebral palsy upon whom he took vengeance in a [Read More…]

Harriet Tubman: Christian Hero, Great American…

…and the gutsiest badass to ever grace American money. She’s a great addition to the pantheon of secular patriot saints that such things are supposed to commemorate for our admiration, contemplation, and imitation. I would love to see some smart cookie in Hollywood just ransack history and do some really good cinematic accounts of the [Read More…]

Couple Fosters 31 drug-addicted infants in 20 years

Grace is dark matter and saints are hidden everywhere. [Read more…]

Vatican Unveils Plaque in Honor of Msgr. Hugh O’Flaherty

He was the Irish priest who saved 6500 lives, most of them Jewish, from the Nazis.  A clever man with a knack for cloak and dagger disguises, he earned the nickname “Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican”. His arch-enemy, Herbert Kappler, was a member of the SS and Chief of Police in Rome.  He tried and [Read More…]

Genuine Christian Courage

…is seen in these gutsy nuns working in Mali. [Read more…]