UPenn Students Rip Down Shakespeare Portrait

…because tolerance and diversity and stuff. Perhaps they will think of a nice book burning next because uber super duper tolerance and diversity and stuff. [Read more…]

Memo to the Current Generation of Fragile Flowers in College

Nut up, will ya? And yes, that *was* an aggressively androcentric way to put it.  Cope, you wuss. I’ll be over here reading this hilarious Onion article making fun of your self-absorbed privilege.   [Read more…]

Looking for a Catholic College?

The Cardinal Newman Society writes: The Cardinal Newman Society announced the 2015 edition of our Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College this today. We spent hundreds of hours reviewing and updating the information in this resource for Catholic families. This year’s edition was launched alongside “Recruit Me”—a new initiative to ensure students get recruited [Read More…]


Harvard is sponsoring a Black Mass using a consecrated Host. Demonstrating once again the back-handed compliment that the devil always pays to Jesus Christ, the blasphemy is directed, not toward Zeus, Quetzelcoatl or Mars, but toward the one true God. In turn, blasphemy always destroys, not God, who cannot be harmed, but the blasphemer, who [Read More…]

Modesty, Thy Name Is Trivers

Rutgers suspends prof whose greatness renders him unable to teach courses that are beneath him “I don’t want to sound immodest, but I am one of the greatest social theorists in evolutionary biology alive, period,” Trivers told the campus newspaper. “I won the Crafoord Prize, which is considered the Nobel Prize for evolution, [worth] half [Read More…]

The Forces of Liberal Education…

…are now squarely arrayed against your kid getting actual education. One English prof therefore heads out the door with an eloquent farewell to all that. [Read more…]

Robert Stackpole’s “Letters to a College Student”

A reader writes: In light of your contribution to Disorientation, I thought Dr. Robert Stackpole’s ongoing series called “Letters to a College Student” might be of interest to you and your readers. He’s been addressing some of the basic objections to faith which Catholics attending college often face, and doing it in (I think) a [Read More…]

My Home Town

A friend writes: Today I walked into the Catholic Campus Ministry Office (they don’t call it a Newman Center) at Seattle University and had this little exchange: Me: Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me about the confession schedule on campus. Front desk: HUH? Confession schedule? Me: Yes, do you know when the priests hear [Read More…]

The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College (2014 edition) is out

The Cardinal Newman Society want to spread the word about faithful Catholic colleges to as many Catholic families as possible: New Resources to Help Catholic Families Find Faithful Colleges [Read more…]

California: Pioneering the Way to Getting Rid of “Safe”…

…from the old “safe, legal, and rare” dodge for excusing abortion they used to toss around during the Clinton years. Jerry Brown (another triumph of Jesuit education) signs into law a bill permitting non-physician abortions. Because as Kermit Gosnell demonstrated, what the abortion industry really needs is to add to the already unregulated butchery industry [Read More…]