The College of Saint Mary Magdalen Looks Promising

My name is Katie Moffett and I am the Director of Communications at the College of Saint Mary Magdalen.  The reason I am reaching out to you today is because I have read your blog and know you are a faithful Catholic with many faithful readers.  My hope in writing to you is to inform [Read More…]

The Knights of Columbus…

…are too Catholic for Gonzaga University. I would sooner send my kids to a Protestant or secular school than to a Jesuit institution. [Read more…]

Florida Atlantic University: Investigate Deandre Poole

According to a student there, Prof Poole tried to force student to blaspheme Jesus and punished him when he refused. Academics are, fortunately, lily-livered cowards for the most part and succumb to pressure pretty easily when the press takes notice.  So if you contact the President there and demand that this alleged act of abuse be investigated and, [Read More…]

The Academic Left’s Love of Violence

Now and then, as with the recent career of the repellent and evil Chris Dorner, somebody comes along who hits all the right buttons for the academic left and lets all the their creepy love of extreme violence come spurting out. Dorner managed to combine all the normal shibboleths about race, militarism, class war, gun [Read More…]

The College of Saint Mary Magdalen seems promising

Established as a residential, Catholic liberal arts college in 1973 and located in Warner, New Hampshire, the College of Saint Mary Magdalen seeks—through the rigorous study, discussion of primary texts, and through its vibrantly Catholic student life—to call their students to the life-long pursuit of intellectual and moral virtue, following Christ who is the source [Read More…]


should just be closed, padlocked and fumigated. [Read more…]