New Text Message Mass…

…all the rage at Gonzaga University. I love Eye of the Tiber. [Read more…]

Reflect on how wonderful your life is…

…if the biggest problem you face right now is that the 13th Doctor is a woman. Then, enjoy this hilarious video: If that video makes you angry, consider cutting back on the caffeine. It’s just a show. [Read more…]

Hilarious, but also significant

That a major corporation is willing to put its logo on a criticism of this oaf’s swinish behavior is a rather remarkable bit of corporate courage. [Read more…]

Not Fake News

Pope Posts “No Whining” Sign on His Office Door No.  Really: A sign posted outside the door of Pope Francis’ office in the Domus Sanctae Marthae that reads “No whining” (Photo courtesy Vatican Insider/La Stampa) I love this guy so much. [Read more…]

Pope Francis Awaiting Final Approval of Internet Troll…

…before Promulgating Encyclical. I love Eye of the Tiber. [Read more…]

Well, *my* Christmas shopping for the women in my life is finished

[Read more…]

InspiroBot Absolutely Kills Me

It’s a random Inspirational Poster generator that cranks out hilarious meaningless New Age Affirmation twaddle that ranges from the banal to the cryptic to the creepy: If you go to the site, the funniest part is the little notes from the computer while the new poster is being generated, assuring us that machines are our friends [Read More…]

I love that Elizabeth Anscombe has finally become a super-hero

“Scientism” is the position that Science can solve all problems, or that all problems are empirical. Philosophically, it is mostly associated with the strongest statements made by the logical positivism movement, which mostly died out in the mid 20th century. Culturally, however, it is stronger than ever, and is closely tied to movements like the [Read More…]

YouCat Releases YouRose

…the new fidget spinner rosary. I love Eye of the Tiber. [Read more…]

An Aussie Reader with a Cryptic Sense of Humor…

…writes to inform me: The state border between Western Australia and the rest of the great continent of Australia is the last surviving line of the Papal Line of Demarcation established by Pope Alexander VI in 1493 dividing the known world between the Spanish and the Portuguese. No Trump supporters will know how to respond. [Read More…]