Somebody gave a computer the job…

of coming up with new paint color names. The results killed me: [Read more…]

Let all the earth rejoice!

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Lafayette, nous sommes ici!

PS. Belated congratulations to French for rejecting the Nazi despite all the pressure from John Zmirak and other extremely smart super duper better-than-the-Pope Catholics. ¬†You’ve earned the right to be snobbish and superior to Americans. [Read more…]

Pretty much

And then, Catholics for Malevolent Narcissists sets to work everywhere on the blogosphere to point out that *nowhere* in the Catechism, nor in a single papal or conciliar document in the entire history of the Church do the words, “The rich are absolutely forbidden to harvest the organs of the poor at will or hunt [Read More…]

A Happy Medium for the OF and EF

Your thing to make your head asplode for today. [Read more…]

Head of Vatican Secret Archives…

…enjoys muttering cryptic half-sentences just to mess with people’s heads. [Read more…]

Linguistic Humor

Language buffs have fun with this. [Read more…]

I think I have readers who want one of these

You can buy one here. [Read more…]

I just learned about malaphors!

How delightful! Fave so far: “I can see through you like a book!” [Read more…]

When Clowns Rule, Humor is the Best Response

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