A pun Dawn Eden would be proud of

A reader passes this along: The March 24 New York Daily News had a long story about New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio publically saying that in a current controversy involving charter schools he had not adequately his position and his actions. The first paragraph was one sentence by the reporter, Corinne Lestch: “It’s [Read More...]

Why I Love Flying Southwest Airlines

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Pure Awesome

Darth Vader’s lines. Winnie the Pooh’s voice. [Read more...]

More Amazon Product Reviews!

Here’s one for a $40,000(!) TV you can order: “At first I hesitated to make the purchase, but then I saw the two AA batteries were free with the remote, and I was all in! Having this really fills in that empty space we called a bathroom!” “Excellent! Bought this to replace my broken Nook… [Read More...]

Homestarrunner is back!

Let joy be unconfined! [Read more...]

Game Time!

Mark Shea Bingo!   [Read more...]

Terry Nelson cracks me up

“If you don’t go to church because you don’t like religious people, be careful! Hell’s full of them.” – Terry Nelson [Read more...]

Cats: Adorable, Cuddly Sociopaths of the Animal Kingdom

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Best story from the LA Congress

A reader writes: My son John Paul was required to go.  He was torn, but missing school made up for a lot.  Overall, his comment was “super lame”.  But the guys carrying the “hug me” signs provided an outlet.  He made them hug him for twice as long as they were actually willing to, and [Read More...]

“Mark!” people ask me…

“What is the secret of your boyish good looks, your tousled golden hair, and your youthful pep?” Well, Random Citizen, I’ll tell you… [Read more...]