I sometimes suspect Trump has sent out a secret directive…

…ordering his supporters to do everything possible to secure a win for Hillary.  Case in point: Marco Gutierrez of Latinos for Trump: [Read more…]

Super Duper Theology Nerd Inside Baseball Catholic Humor

I have no regrets. [Read more…]

Hey Jews!

Google Translate Brings You the Beatles! [Read more…]

Team Thor

I love this so much! [Read more…]

Groundbreaking Work in Consequentialist Moral Theology

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And I’m a damn good one too!

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The Jonathan Swift Dinner Banquet Invite Arrived!

If I were you, I’d order a child of about five: still a lot of fat on ’em.  By the time they turn 12 they are getting a bit stringy. But that’s me.  Your taste may be different.  Consider it a Modest Proposal. [Read more…]

I love everything the Bad Lip Reading Guys do

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Theology Nerd Humor

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Science is Amazing

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