Russian Orthodox Church Accused of Doping Parishioners…

…to gain spiritual advantage. I love Eye of the Tiber. [Read more…]


I’ll just leave this right here: I once worked evenings in a museum with a Norwegian guy who was filling in for the usual security guard. The guy was supposed to be guarding a display of holy relics, but he was always leaving his post to get fast food. Finally I had to tell the [Read More…]

Wickedly funny

The Evangelical Case for Supporting David Duke Does he occasionally still use racial slurs when describing minorities? Sure. Is he penitent about his divorce from his wife? No clue! Does he still hand out Mein Kampf to people? Well, sometimes. But we all stumble, guys. No one is perfect. The important thing is that he [Read More…]

Woohoo! My troubles are over!

Just got this in my email! ATTENTION: GIFT RECIPIENT View the attachment file to facilitate the payment process of the funds USD$500,000.00 and please also contact the Charity Organization via this email for your claim: Sign MR. WARREN BUFFETT BILLIONAIRE INVESTOR What a great guy! [Read more…]

Have some aloe vera for that sick burn

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Snow White is a Lord of the Rings Sequel

…according to Cracked. Their ideas intrigue me and I wish to subscribe to their newsletter. [Read more…]

Schrodinger’s Voting Booth

Where a single third party vote is, in addition to being for your candidate, is also both for and against two other candidates in a quantum state of flux that adds up to five votes in the multiverse. [Read more…]

“The atheists and comedians are entering the Kingdom of Heaven ahead of you…”

The Daily Show with Trevor NoahGet More: The Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,The Daily Show Video Archive [Read more…]

Colbert and Stewart were born for this hour

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Speaking of Pokemon…

Somebody named Rick Wiles says that Pokemon Go is a plot by Satan to spawn demonic powers and murder Christians. They let him say it on TV, so it must be true. And if you need further evidence of the menace, here is photographic evidence from Conception Abbey: Truly it is as Pope Paul VI [Read More…]