I totally want to try this

Hopefully, it won’t be some radio show calling to interview me about “By What Authority?” or something. [Read more...]

My Cloning Research…

…is paying off! [Read more...]

Wait till the penny drops

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If all goes well…

…I won’t have to do my taxes. [Read more...]

Le Gogh

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Alex’s Body was Never Found

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Any parody of The Fox that mentions Dominicans is okay in my book

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Why? WHY?

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Teach the Controversy!

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This is Awesome

The Emergent Church is a super-rarified form of post-Evangelical Protestantism that basically is in reaction to everything the generation of James Dobson and Billy Graham thought important.  As such, it has developed it’s own unique vocabulary that no normal person outside the Bubble would ever use and has succeeded in making itself yet another even [Read More...]

Hulk Write Headlines!

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Authorities Explain Recent Close Encounter on Mount Rainier…

…as “meteorological phenomenon”: Next, they’ll be saying that the Pyramids were not landing pads for Ancient Aliens. Mount Rainier is where it all began you know.  The inference is obvious.  Elvis is coming again! [Read more...]