UN Warns that Trump May be Seven Months Away…

…from acquiring nuclear weapons. I love the Onion so much. [Read more…]

The Hauntening

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Epic pun run

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I just really love this!

The Babylon Bee (satire) reports that 37% of Evangelical prayer time spent saying the word “just”. Oh. So. True. Brings back memories of a favorite cartoon in The Wittenburg Door, another Evangelical satire magazine. A young man is hunched over in earnest prayer, eyes clenched shut, praying, “Lord, I just really want to come before [Read More…]

This killed me

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Thousands Sign Petition Calling for Immediate Canonization of Harambe

I love Eye of the Tiber so much! [Read more…]

Jesus Assumes New Role as Savior Emeritus…

…as Catholic blogger Takes Over Task of Saving Church from Francis “We just feel like it’s gotten pretty obvious since the Council that He’s no longer up to the task,” roommate and spokesman for Robison, Clyde Barnes, told the press. “A whole series of bad appointments, providential allowances of culture decline, and disastrous permissions of [Read More…]

Mars Opposition, Blue Moon Happening This Weekend

Go ahead.  Ask me how often that happens… [Read more…]

Seems like it would be easier to just vote…

…for Joe Schriner. [Read more…]

Even Funnier than Onion Articles…

…are Onion articles people believe and pass around as genuine news. [Read more…]