I will follow Gil Fulbright into hell itself

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The Horror of Blimps

A victim of a blimp-human encounter gone terribly, terribly awry tells his hilariously funny story. That said, I can nonetheless never again know happiness in this life if I do not possess these things: [Read more…]

So great!

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The German Cardinal’s Song

Dunno who wrote this, but it’s genius: I am the very model of a modern German cardinal I’m kind to all minorities peripheral and marginal I know the mobile numbers of my seniors political I try quite hard at humour and I’m studiously uncritical I’m very fond of arguments heretic and schismatical I like to [Read More…]

Memory Science!

It’s totally true!  I sniffed Rosemary and she slapped me so hard I never forgot it! [Read more…]

The Great Pie Fight

I believe the world needs more of this: One of the great comedies of the 60s. [Read more…]

Hi. I’m 12.

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Now that the Blood Moon is past and the End of Days is here…

…I can’t wait for the shot of Bishop Robert Barron, standing shirtless atop a heap of vampire and zombie corpses, a shotgun slung over his back, with a crucifix in one robotic hand and a stake in the other a la Bruce Campbell. If Joss Whedon is any kind of authority on such matters (and [Read More…]

“Apostle” Fails to Challenge Mortal Sin of Slavery

(Rome) So-called “apostle” Paul, after meeting with a runaway slave named Onesimus has refused to directly challenge the criminal institution of slavery and has instead sent him back to his owner with a weakly-worded letter that nowhere directly and forcefully condemns the institution of slavery. Critics of the apostle reported that they are “hugely disappointed” [Read More…]


The witty Scott Eric Alt writes: What an opportunity St. James had, in writing an epistle that would become Scripture, to clearly and unequivocally condemn the barbaric practices of the Roman Empire: infanticide, gladiatorial combat, crucifixion, Christian persecution. And yet what did he do? He talked about just wage! He talked about taking care of [Read More…]