Exquisite Perfection

A funny thing happened in that Joke with the Pope contest … The Joke with the Pope contest is over and the winner is … a rabbi who says of himself he is “the world’s only practicing clergyman doing stand-up comedy … intentionally.” The winning joke is: “My wife and I have been married for [Read More…]

I love Eye of the Tiber So Much!

Last week, this killed me. This week, this killed me. [Read more…]

This is Awesome

Stephen Colbert does what he was born to do: [Read more…]

There Should be Some Kind of Pulitzer or Nobel Prize for Punning

This guy would win the first one: [Read more…]

What if Werner Herzog directed “Ant Man”?

This killed me: [Read more…]

Seattle Wants to Kill You All!!!

In honor of the first day of Fall, I give you this on behalf of My People: [Read more…]

This is pretty funny–and the story of my life

[Read more…]

If You are Looking for Expert Relationship Advice…

Clickhole is the place for you. Let me simply add that, while it may seem to be an attention-getter, setting yourself or anybody else on fire is not actually what most women see as a “romantic gesture” (though there are some Goths in Capitol Hill in Seattle who actually may find it a turn on). [Read more…]

It’s true, when you think about it–mentally, I mean

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Ever Wonder Why I’m So Damned Handsome?

Wonder no longer: [Read more…]