How My 12 Year Old Sense of Humor Works on Halloween

When the big headline says “Pope Francis Will Create New Cardinals” I think of this: [Read more...]

Tee hee

I don’t really have big problems with Halloween, which is mostly just an occasion for neighbors to visit and kids to have some fun running around at night, which is always exciting.  But Kathy Schiffer did crack me up with this quote which I can’t help hearing in the voice of Homer Simpson: “Okay, kids, [Read More...]

Golden Pearls of Wisdom

Whoa.  That is so, so true.  Share this with the universe, people.  Be excellent to one another. [Read more...]

So. This is Awesome.

Behold a couple of selections from the War on Kinkade Series: There’s more where that came from here. [Read more...]

A Question for My Thomist Readers

Does this video constitute a third argument against the existence of God? [Read more...]

How I Met My Wife

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An Extremely Real and Not At All Fake Person Writes:

Good day my dear how are you doing,please my name is Mr Rowland Robinson I from United State of American and I,m working as a bank manager in Egypt and I discover about $ 5, million us dollars in the bank, please my dear I don’t have any other option than to contact you,please my [Read More...]

My Loveliness is Beyond Compare

Pretty much everything Pewsitter, Fisheaters and Rorate Coeli suspects about me is confirmed. [Read more...]

Feel Safe–or You May be an Enemy of Freedom

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I have a complete weakness for pranks like this

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As a Professional Catholic, women sense my power

…and constantly message me on Facebook. I must say, women seem to be incredibly unimaginative for the most part since the messages they send me are almost word for word the same: they’ve examined my profile, find me intriguing (no argument there of course) and long for a relationship with me, which will begin the [Read More...]


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