Happy Second Annual End of the World Day!

John Hodgman only needs to be right once, you know! [Read more...]

This Made Me Laugh out Loud

This is where it really pays to know canon lawyers with a sense of humor. [Read more...]

Such a Magical Time of Year

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Awesome Fake Commercial…

…better than all real commercials: [Read more...]

Best Part of Politics

Political Humor: [Read more...]

I *So* Want to Try This!

Of course, the followup, where the barista has all the customers crucified, is a bit of a downer.  But still… [Read more...]

20th Century Headlines If They Were Written for the Web

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Quote of the Day

My son passes this along: [Read more...]

Tee, as they say…

hee. [Read more...]


The Swanson Pyramid of Greatness! [Read more...]

For all your Devoured by a Lake Monster Vacation Needs

Be sure and pack enough teenagers to use as bait.  We normally sprinkle the water with three or four at a time. [Read more...]