The Great Pie Fight

I believe the world needs more of this: One of the great comedies of the 60s. [Read more…]

Hi. I’m 12.

This absolutely killed me. [Read more…]

Now that the Blood Moon is past and the End of Days is here…

…I can’t wait for the shot of Bishop Robert Barron, standing shirtless atop a heap of vampire and zombie corpses, a shotgun slung over his back, with a crucifix in one robotic hand and a stake in the other a la Bruce Campbell. If Joss Whedon is any kind of authority on such matters (and [Read More…]

“Apostle” Fails to Challenge Mortal Sin of Slavery

(Rome) So-called “apostle” Paul, after meeting with a runaway slave named Onesimus has refused to directly challenge the criminal institution of slavery and has instead sent him back to his owner with a weakly-worded letter that nowhere directly and forcefully condemns the institution of slavery. Critics of the apostle reported that they are “hugely disappointed” [Read More…]


The witty Scott Eric Alt writes: What an opportunity St. James had, in writing an epistle that would become Scripture, to clearly and unequivocally condemn the barbaric practices of the Roman Empire: infanticide, gladiatorial combat, crucifixion, Christian persecution. And yet what did he do? He talked about just wage! He talked about taking care of [Read More…]

Facebook is being glitchy today. Here’s why:

Facebook is very upset because the pope didn’t use the word “abortion” when he was talking about protecting human life at every stage of development. Now nobody knows what the Church teaches about abortion anymore. FB is also mad because the pope said “peace and justice” which are dirty words that only liberals use. FB [Read More…]

Jesus Christ Preaches Sermon on the Mount

Fails to condemn abortion. Clearly he is soft on the issue. I’m worried about the direction he is taking the Church. Only by complaining non-stop in comboxes, on FOX, and via talk radio can I save the Church since it is clear he is not going to. It’s all up to me now. [Read more…]

Meanwhile in Rome…

Benedict Confirms Epic Kegger at Apostolic Palace During Francis Visit to US [Read more…]

A Trauma No Woman Should Ever Have to Endure

I don’t normally share things like this, but I felt this story was important and unique and needed to be heard. [Read more…]

I suck

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