For all your Devoured by a Lake Monster Vacation Needs

Be sure and pack enough teenagers to use as bait.  We normally sprinkle the water with three or four at a time. [Read more...]

11 Terrifying Kids from Vintage Ads…

…who will freeze the very marrow in your bones: I’m giggling uncontrollably. [Read more...]

Godless Secularists Take War on Christmas to Whole New Level

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Apparently there’s been a *huge* change in Cuban-American Relations

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Today’s Public Service Announcement

Also don’t let them sleep on your TV. And I hate it when they wind between your legs while you are trying to do the dishes. [Read more...]

US to Create Standardized Voting System for 2016 Elections

Pull left lever for the Democrat nominee, right lever for the Republican nominee: Me: I’m voting third potty. [Read more...]

Philosophy Humor

Q: What do you call an angry epistemologist? A:  HOW THE HELL SHOULD I KNOW? Ah me.  I slay me. [Read more...]

My Inner Nerdly 12 Year Old Delights in This

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Humor: A Difficult Concept

And then, of course, there’s the Radical Feminist punchline: THAT’S NOT FUNNY!  I AM OUTRAGED!!! OUUUUUUTRAAAAAAAAGED!!!!!! [Read more...]

Who Knew that St. Thomas Brought Such Great Tunes?

I have a feeling Mike Flynn will be interested in this: [Read more...]

This is huge!

Fellow Patheosi Max Lindenmann writes: Dang, just caught a punctuation mistake in Evangelii Gaudium! CHECKMATE, PAPAL INFALLIBILISTS! [Read more...]


This highly amused my inner 12 year old. I am no cook. But I can follow the directions. Which said to let the bird chill in the sink for a few hours. [Read more...]