Bad Lip Reading Kills Me

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Chuck Jones, Creative Genius

The Experience Music Project here in my Home Town has an exhibit on the art of Chuck Jones, the Mastermind of Termite Terrace who gave the world the great gift of Warner Brothers cartoons featuring Bug Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Porky Pig and a host of other characters and antics. It lasts till mid-January. [Read More…]

Fiendish New Cyber Attack

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I am going to become Canadian and follow this man into hell itself if need be

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New Homestarrunner Cartoon

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Oh dear

Badum tssssshhhhh! More here. [Read more…]

The Trump Insult Generator Has Me Pegged!

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Aux Armchairs, Citoyens!

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..AND I DON’T GET IT!!!!!!! [Read more…]

Pewsitter Employee Considering Adding A Few Additional Exclamation Points To Headline

Eye of the Tiber kills me. For maximum passive-aggression, Pewsitters’ patented accusation by question mark method: Shea: Gay Communist? Simcha Fischer: Jewish infiltrator or Just Mark Shea in Drag?? Bergoglio: Threat, Menace, Both??? …is the main punctuation strategery. [Read more…]