Troubled by Nosy People Poking Around in Your Pantry?

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Hi. I’m 12. This is funny.

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Food for Thought

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Rock Solid Internet Theology

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This is wickedly funny

“You’re a wizard, Harry,” Hagrid said. “And you’re coming to Hogwarts.” “What’s Hogwarts?” Harry asked. “It’s wizard school.” “It’s not a public school, is it?” “No, it’s privately run.” “Good. Then I accept. Children are not the property of the state; everyone who wishes to do so has the right to offer educational goods or [Read More...]

Lord of the Rings by George Lucas

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Nunc Dimittis

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Eye of the Tiber Kills Me

Minotaurs and Krakens is Where Pope Francis Draws the Line [Read more...]

It’s the New Age Bullshit Generator!

Pretty nifty. I clicked the link and was rewarded with the following wisdom: The quantum soup is full of ultrasonic energy. Nothing is impossible. We exist as atomic ionization. Imagine an evolving of what could be. Astral projection may be the solution to what’s holding you back from an ecstatic harmonizing of fulfillment. Through tarot, [Read More...]

Unguessed Genius

So this past weekend, I put up a little silly game about taking a single letter from a book, TV show or film title and seeing what you wind up with (“Lord of the Rigs: Lure fishing in Middle Earth”).  Lots of people responded with some very funny stuff.  But one reader, JJG, has gone [Read More...]