The Doctor Who Weeping Angel Night Light

Click the pic to order! “You know! For kids!” – John Herreid [Read more…]

Catholic Priest Denies Burning Down 17 of the Ugliest Churches Ever Built

This piece killed me. [Read more…]

Food for thought

“The sinking of the Titanic must have been a freaking miracle to the lobsters in the kitchen!” – Nephew Dan Shea [Read more…]

Avengers Kung Fu!

This speaks to me at a deep visceral level–and in poorly dubbed English to boot: I particularly enjoy the Almost Wilhelm Scream. [Read more…]

My son is some kind of literary genius

Cow recently got an IT job at a local Catholic high school. He writes: Working at a high school, it’s important to time our movements through the school. If we leave the safety of our office at the wrong time, halfway to our destination, the bell could ring and we find ourselves caught in what [Read More…]

Pythonesque Hilarity

British Nazi fail: [Read more…]


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This killed me

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22 Priests Answer the Question “What’s the Heaviest Thing You’ve Ever Thrown at the Devil”

Most of them give the sober, priestly, theologically factual reply, but #17 totally goes for the win! [Read more…]