Psychiatrists Deeply Concerned…

…for 5% of Americans who approve of Congress. [Read more...]

TSA is Your Friend! Trust TSA!

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In world where only a brave band of Combox Reactionaries…

…stands between a terrifying heretic Pope and the Pure Catholic Faith THIS COULD BE OUR FUTURE!!!! I loves me some Jason Bach. HT: Lizzie Scalia [Read more...]

Khthulu for Kidz!

And when they get a little older you can give them “The Colouring Book Out of Space”. [Read more...]

Dominican Still Wearing White….

….months after Labor Day. Who can fathom the minds of these nefarious Sons of Torquemada? [Read more...]

I Don’t Get It

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Super Duper New Evangelization

Patrick Coffin and our young friend Audrey Warn strive for internet meme immortality somewhere in Israel: [Read more...]

The Power of Editing

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I’m Sure Glad I Find It a Breeze to Obey This Commandment

As a Living Saint, this commandment from our Lord just comes naturally to me. I scarcely need to think about it, so full of natural charity am I. I don’t think I’ve ever broken it, much less thought about breaking it. Also, I have visited Alpha Centauri personally. [Read more...]

I could actually feel the Cold War melting in my heart as I watched this

Still not as great as the the Red Army Band’s performance of “Sweet Home Alabama” And not quite as wondrous as Encounter Over Planet Trololo [Read more...]

I love Lino Rulli

Santo Subito! American author calls for his own Sainthood, now Ahead of John Paul II, popular SIRIUS/XM radio host desires canonization ATLANTA, Sept. 4, 2013 – Widely known for his wit and humor as the host of “The Catholic Guy” on SiriusXM Radio, Lino Rulli believes that, like Pope John Paul II, his own Cause [Read More...]

Songify the News Does it Again

There’s something about their daffy absurdity that really captures how dangerously dumb postmodernity is: [Read more...]