This killed me

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I gotta get me one of these!

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I have a feeling this image will get a lot of use over the span of this pontificate

Relieves self-absorbed promethean neo-pelagian pains in the butt on contact! [Read more...]

Amazon Reviews are a New Art Form

They create community while allowing undiscovered literary artists both the scope and the discipine of form to create small works of art that reveal their inmost being.  Here, for example, are a collection of reviews for Haribo Sugarless Gummy Bears.  You will learn more than perhaps you never even wanted to know about the personal [Read More...]

And More Rodent Humor!

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Disturbingly Funny

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Oldie but Goodie

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The Development of the Industrial Proletariat…

…is dependent upon the development of the industrial boozeoisie. Ah me!  I slay me.  So, so funny! [Read more...]

On Richard Sherman, Seahawks Public Relations Professional

Say what you will about the tenets of National Shermanism, at least it’s an *ethos*! Look, we don’t need Sherman to introduce Masterpiece Theatre, comment on the works of Plato, or summarize Proust. We just need him to kick the clenched, fearful little butts of the Broncos as they scamper away like adorable, tiny eohippi. [Read More...]

Am I Totally Depraved for Laughing at This

…or just predestined to find it hilarious? Which reminds me: What did the Calvinist say after he fell down the stairs? “Well, I’m glad that’s over with.” [Read more...]